Spoilers: Lola suffers seizure as death story begins in EastEnders

Lola Pearce (Danielle Harold) collapsed and suffered a seizure at the end of tonight’s episode of EastEnders, marking the beginning of her final storyline in the show.

The beloved character had spent a lot of the day getting things ready for Lexi’s (Isabella Brown) pageant.

She was dashing about trying to grab the final few accessories and didn’t really have time to stop and take a breath, which was why Jay (Jamie Borthwick) told her she was probably feeling slightly shattered as she had been running around all day.

With Lexi’s family in the audience waiting for her to step on stage, Lola popped to the loo.

However, inside the bathroom, Lola experienced further dizzy spells and a pain in her head.

As she started shaking, Lola collapsed and suffered a seizure.

These scenes, as viewers know, coincide with Danielle’s last story as Lola.

Soon, Lola will head to the doctors and learn she may have a cancerous brain tumour.

Sadly, thanks to previous information, we know the tumour will turn out to be cancer, which will lead to Lola’s death.

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