Spoilers: Stacey violently attacked in horror EastEnders scenes?

Stacey Slater (Lacey Turner) is set to face a dangerous nightmare in EastEnders, as her money worries land her in hot water.

And as she struggles to get money-grabbing loan shark Shiv off her back, her failure to come back with a payment could end in violence by the end of the week.

Stacey’s earlier attempts to raise money have led her down a criminal route, as she stole money to try and keep a roof over her family’s head.

And Freddie (Bobby Brazier) has taken a much more unorthodox route, by selling videos and pictures of his feet online, with Rocky (Brian Conley) as his unlikely manager.

After getting cash from Shiv, Stacey needs to now find more money to pay him back – but he’s not a patient man it seems.

When Alfie Moon (Shane Richie) comes good with some coin, Stacey is relieved to have the cash for the loan shark but when she pays, the dangerous criminal demands another £200 by tomorrow or threatens violence.

Is Stacey about to be subjected to a horrible attack – and will things then only get worse?

‘He decides he wants the money and wants it now,’ Lacey explained to us. ‘She panics as she’s quite desperate so she begs for more time.

‘Alfie turns up with some money that he’s made, so there’s a sense of relief, but then Shiv asks for more money for the next day.

‘The more the Slaters wind him up, the more he wants his money quicker. ‘I think Stacey’s scared of him. He’s a very creepy man. He’s not a normal thug, he’s a creepy thug.’

With what is about to transpire, it seems like Stacey has very good reason to be frightened.

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