Spoilers: Summer and Aaron in Corrie make deal to keep each other’s secrets

Summer Spellman (Harriet Bibby) has put forward an idea to partner Aaron (James Craven) in tonight’s Coronation Street, after he discovered she’s been cheating her blood tests.

A few weeks ago, Aaron returned to Weatherfield with severe bruises on the side of his stomach.

He lied to Summer and claimed that a group of lads attacked him but this week, Aaron confessed that his alcoholic dad occasionally lashes out.

Tonight, the plan for Summer and Aaron was to leave the cobbles for their long-awaited holiday – but it never happened.

Due to Summer’s collapse, the couple missed their flight and she felt awful.

When Aaron searched through her bag, he came across two finger prick glucose meters.

Aaron waisted no time in confronting Summer and told her she’s playing a dangerous game by skipping her insulin.

A guilty Summer tried to make out that she has two meters in case one gets lost, but Aaron knew she wasn’t being honest.

When Billy (Daniel Brocklebank) returned, he was saddened to hear Summer explain they missed the flight because of her diabetes but she, once again, wasn’t entirely truthful with her guardian and failed to tell him about the risky habit she’s fallen into.

In the bistro, Summer pulled Aaron aside to discuss the deal she had come up with.

Summer told Aaron that if he keeps her secret about the diabulimia, she’ll keep quiet about the abuse he’s receiving at the hands of his father.

Not only is Summer putting her own health at risk, but she will now continue to put Aaron’s life in jeopardy, knowing what is happening at his home and failing to do anything about it.

Will Aaron really stick to Summer’s idea, knowing she will put herself in life-threatening danger every time she doesn’t monitor her diabetes properly?

How badly are things about to get for them both?

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