Suki plans to bring down Ravi while Stacey is left terrified after Theo run in EastEnders

EastEnders' Suki Panesar has come up with a plan to bring down Ravi Gulati, the show's spoilers have revealed.

Viewers will recall that Suki has a long-running feud with her stepson Ravi and that only intensified last week when it was revealed that he killed Ranveer Gulati but let Suki believe that she did it.

Ravi is also hated by Denise Fox after their fling earlier in the year, and she was the one who discovered the truth about Ranveer's murder, after watching the CCTV footage on an old laptop.

While Denise watched the clip, she was unaware that Ravi was behind her, and when it finished, he confronted her and smashed up the laptop so she couldn't prove what she had seen.

That didn't stop Denise, as she ran over to her daughter, Chelsea Fox, who was seeing Ravi and told her what she had just seen.

Suki and her husband, Nish Panesar, were also at the house, and all of them were stunned by the revelations.

Now, on Monday, 18 September, Suki convinces Denise to give a statement to the police about the murder, but due to a lack of physical evidence and Suki’s previous failed statement, they dismiss them both.

As a result, Denise tries to cut ties with the Panesar family, but it doesn't last long, as Suki soon arrives to speak to her.

Suki tells her that she has a plan to get the evidence they need she will record a confession from Ravi.

Will Suki be able to go through with her plan?

Elsewhere in Walford, as Stacey Slater tries to come to terms with the fact her stalker Theo Hawthorne is her new next-door neighbour, she bumps into him in the Square Gardens.

She is terrified, and luckily, Jack Branning is on hand to comfort her back at number 29.

Jack agrees to get Stacey an interim stalking protection order, and he tells her that he will be on hand if anything happens in the hope that it will deter Theo.

Will Jack's plan work?

Completing the dramatic episode, Phil Mitchell struggles with his guilt after sleeping with Emma Harding behind his fiancee Kat Slater's back.

Phil's enemy, Keanu Taylor, has been blackmailing Phil over his one-night stand, telling him that if he doesn't get him access to his daughter Peggy, he will tell Kat everything.

Tonight, Phil's daughter Louise tells him that Keanu can't see Peggy, so Phil lies to Keanu and tells him that he has told Kat and she has forgiven him, in a bid to keep Keanu quiet.

Will it work?

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