Surviving Summer season 2: Sky Katz explains Netflix series’ cliffhanger ‘Hopefully more

Surviving Summer: Netflix reveal trailer for new drama series

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Former Disney star Sky Katz leads the brand new surfing drama Surviving Summer, which became a surprise hit for Netflix after its release last year. After YA fans devoured the ten-episode series over the weekend, the up-and-coming actress spoke exclusively to about where she hopes to take the series in the future.

Netflix has yet to renew Surviving Summer for season two, but lead actress Sky is optimistic she’ll be back as Summer Torres soon.

The drama begins when Summer is sent to live with old family friends in Australia by her overworked mother, Margot (played by Kate Beahan).

Once settling into the tiny town of Shorehaven, the reluctant teen eventually develops a passion for surfing and develops close friendships with some of the young locals.

However, Summer faces a difficult decision when it is time to return to New York and leave her new friends and love interest Ari (Kai Lewins) thousands of miles away.

“That last moment in the show is a visual representation of how much of a release it can be to find yourself,” Sky explained.

“Summer finally feels… something feels right for once in her life.”

After spending much of the season resisting the urge to open up to her new family, Summer quickly realises she feels at home in Shorehaven.

As she walks through the airport in the first season’s final moments, she looks at the pictures she took of her new friends and smiles, teasing a dramatic return if Sky and the cast come back for season two.

Summer added: “She’s really grateful to have been shown the direction she can go in.”

The actress was previously known for her supporting role alongside Raven-Symoné in Disney Channel spin-off Raven’s Home.

If fan demand is great enough, the 17-year-old TV star may have already found the project which will solidify her place as a major TV star over the next few years.

“Listen, I hope so,” she said when asked if preparations are being made for the next season of Surviving Summer.

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“It’ll be a bit before that’s determined, but we’re all crossing our fingers.”

Plus, after the series dropped last Friday, Sky cryptically tweeted: “Surviving Summer dropping during pride month may be some type of hint for next season….”

Could another romance be on the cards for Summer’s new friends Bodhi (Savannah La Rain) and Poppy (Lilliana Bowrey)?

Sky is also known for creating her own music, which could start to feature heavily if Netflix gives the green light for a Surviving Summer season two.

She confirmed: “There have been discussions about putting some of my songs in the soundtrack.

“It never actually played itself out in real life, but hopefully [in] season two there will be more from me, both on the music and the acting.

“I think a lot of the songs I’m working on would have a role in Surviving Summer.”

The streamer is notoriously protective over their viewing figures, so fans of the series will have to wait a little longer to find out if Summer and the Shorehaven gang will be returning.

Thankfully, reactions to the YA drama have been positive so far, so Sky could very well be gearing up for another surfing tournament soon.

Surviving Summer season 1 is available to stream on Netflix.

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