The Chase’s Mark Labbett branded ‘unfair’ over swipe at contestants

The Chase: Mark mocks team’s ‘lack of knowledge’

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During Tuesday’s edition of the ITV show, teammates Barbara, Terry, Verity and Liam all went up against Chaser Mark “The Beast” Labbett. At one point, Bradley commented that the prize fund was looking a bit low, and Mark couldn’t help but take a swipe at his opponents, remarking that the team was also “lacking in knowledge” as well as potential money.

Environmental engineer Terry was the first up, and he managed to earn a respectable £4,000 in his cash-builder round.

When it was time to go up against Mark, he managed to scrape through and rejoin his teammates.

Next to take on Mark was 25-year-old Verity, who after a series of “unlucky” questions achieved £3,000.

“I’ve never seen so many 50/50 questions go the wrong way!” Bradley remarked.

He added Verity was “a better player” and that she had been “unlucky”.

Thankfully, Verity also made it through without being caught.

As she reunited with her fellow players, Bradley shrugged and stated: “Two up, two through…

“Lacking in prize funds, I’ve got to be honest. I like it when I sort of see £12,000 or £13,000 in there.”

Turning to Mark, he added: “However, £7,000. Beastie, what do you think?”

“Yes, lacking in prize funds and let’s face it, lacking in knowledge,” the quizzer replied harshly.

The team and audience collectively remarked: “Oohh,” following the brutal swipe.

“Not fair,” Bradley said in response before continuing: “Two up, two through, halfway to a full house!”

Unfortunately, Liam, 35, was caught by Mark during his head-to-head round.

Last up as senior credit analyst Barabara, who managed to secure £6,000 after avoiding capture by The Chaser.

Before the team geared up for the Final Chase, Mark said he “couldn’t work them out,” and was unsure if they’d get to “12 or 20 [points].”

It seems he may have jinxed his luck though as the trio managed to get to 20 points.

“Very good, 20!” Bradley stated. As Mark joined them once again, the host commented: “You did say you didn’t know whether they would get 12 or 20 and thank the Lord for you that Liam isn’t there to take it to 23.”

After some hesitation over a few questions and a couple of pushbacks, Mark lost with only a second to spare.

“That was down to the wire!” Bradley enthused. “Split, split-second – brilliant.”

He went on to congratulate the players while a gracious Mark did the same.

The Chase airs weekdays from 5pm on ITV.

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