The Crown will strengthen Meghans case shes a victim claims expert

The Crown series will 'strengthen' Meghan's case says Tom Bower

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Tom Bower joined Darren Grimes on GB News on Saturday to discuss Meghan Markle’s latest interview with Variety magazine. In the interview, Meghan appeared to be distancing herself and Prince Harry from Netflix docuseries on the royal couple. Tom argued that this series tied in with the latest release from The Crown will help Meghan prove herself to be a “victim”.

Speaking to Variety, she said: “It’s nice to be able to trust someone with our story—a seasoned director whose work I’ve long admired—even if it means it may not be the way we would have told it. 

“But that’s not why we’re telling it. We’re trusting our story to someone else, and that means it will go through their lens.”

Discussing the interview, Tom told Darren: “I do think that long interview had a couple of gems.

“First of all, she admits [the death of the Queen was] a complicated time but she also admits that she’s got a forthcoming Netflix series about herself and Harry.

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“That’s going ahead despite her protests so what is very fascinating about Meghan, especially with The Crown coming out as well is that she keeps on doing these interviews to promote herself. 

“There seems to be a great splurge of Meghan confessions and Meghan interviews and Meghan appearances because she’s trying to present herself as somebody who is really important in America.”

He continued: “And in that, I think she’s succeeding and I think that more and more Americans are turning and saying that what she’s saying is credible.

“Unfortunately The Crown series will actually strengthen her case that somehow the Royal Family is troubled and Meghan is the victim of their doings and their goings-on.”

Tom reflected on Meghan and Harry’s decision to leave the Royal Family.

He claimed: “She wanted the label, she wanted the title, she wanted the money.

“She didn’t get much money but she did get the status and now she’s set on building herself up in America and all these interviews are set to do that.

“And The Crown series will strengthen her own case that the crown and the Queen and Prince Charles, as he was, were somehow flawed and that she is the victim of this broken family.”

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Darren went on to question whether The Crown was “insensitive” for reportedly depicting the BBC Panorama interview with Diana and Martin Bashir. 

However, the royal biographer argued the Netflix series has a “right to be broadcast”.

“There’s no doubt Martin Bashir and the BBC lied to Diana and then covered up the lie which is as bad as the lie itself,” he claimed.

“That was a shocking example of concealment but nevertheless she gave the interview and what she said she believed so therefore to consign this interview to history and to suggest it should never be seen again is ridiculous.”

“It was a part of the royal story and you just need to put it into context,” he added.

“I think The Crown is quite right to somehow recreate the interview because it was a profoundly damaging moment for the family.

“And Diana, although she eventually regretted giving the interview because of the damage it caused, was speaking from the heart and I think we’ve got to sympathise with that.”

Real Britain with Darren Grimes airs on GB News on Saturday at 2pm.

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