This Morning’s Mathew Wright slammed as he calls Queen’s Jubilee ‘a disgrace’

This Morning viewers have taken to Twitter to voice their opinions on Matthew Wright's outburst in which he labelled the Queen's Platinum Jubilee as a "disgrace".

The former host of The Wright Stuff, 56, has sparked outrage among many royal fans as he broadcast his controversial opinions during Thursday's episode of the ITV breakfast show.

Included in the Jubilee celebrations is Saturday's Party At The Palace, an open-air concert outside Buckingham Palace.

But Matthew has said at a time when the country is "haemorrhaging money" the events should be "scaled down".

"What a load of utter nonsense," he argued, before adding: "We were talking earlier and it's wonderful and the spectacle I get, but at a time when we are haemorrhaging money as a country."

He continued: "If you were some kind of celebrity, who's spending loads… millions on parties when you're sort of bankrupt, people would be outraged and this is a disgrace but that's what we're doing as a nation."

Host Dermot O'Leary questioned: "What do you think we should be doing?"

Matthew responded: "I think it could all be scaled down just a bit."

Fellow guest Gyles Brandreth argued that although he understood where Matthew was coming from this was "brand Britain" and it was a "global event".

He explained: "People all over the world are focusing on the Queen and the person of the Queen. The truth is, given the politics, given Putin, isn't it wonderful that there is somebody that is steadfast, straight forward, decent, honest."

Before Gyles could finish Matthew raged the massive celebrations were "funded by the public purse."

This Morning presenter Alison Hammond shut the debate down by sharing her thoughts, she stated: "If this is the end of an era, surely we should be making a big deal of things?

"If this is the last time where this is ever going to happen. So yeah, let's see enjoy it."

Many of those watching on were quick to slam the TV presenter for his comments with one person tweeting that Matthew should "live in another country".

They wrote: "Anyone else think this guy is a complete moron and should go and live in another country if he doesn't support our monarchy…. he is so so awful."

Another person labelled him a "traitor", saying: "You are obviously a bit of a Traitor Matthew Wright."

A third viewer said: "If you don’t want to celebrate the Queen’s incredible service and Platinum Jubilee, something that will probably never happen again, stay at home you killjoy."

However, other viewers sided with the 56 year old with one person stating: "The jubilee and the monarchy are a disgrace!"

Another supporter said: "You are, imho, quite right. What exactly is there worth “celebrating”? Hereditary privilege? Obscene wealth? Pantomime? Her ‘loyal subjects’ having to choose between food or warmth? Having to work for wages that require them to seek additional employment just to survive?"

And a third simply said: "Well said Matthew."

Which side of the debate do you fall on? Let us know in the comments section below.

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