Turning DOWN money? Vine host baffled as union demands bonuses for members SCRAPPED

Rail Strikes: RMT General says he wants bonuses 'abolished'

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The RMT’s Senior General Secretary Eddie Dempsey claimed that his rail staff had been offered nothing by the Government. The Senior General Secretary went on to claim the £130m bonus scheme only benefited those at the top. This week RMT Union announced further strikes, which are set to affect Britons around the country.

Mr Dempsey told Jeremy Vine on 5: “In all of them but one we have been offered zero, nothing.

“Accept for a load of cuts and a load of detrimental changes, and in one company we have been offered stripping out one-third of the entire maintenance workforce.

“Slashing maintenance schedules in half making people stay and work, worse off.

“And for their… And for accepting all of that, they want to take 0 percent in 21,4 percent which is a real terms pay cut.

“2 percent next year which is a real term pay cut and a possible 2 percent if we all behave ourselves and we don’t take any further strike action.

“That is not good enough! These people have been making an absolute killing. Out of this country…”

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Host Claudia-Liza Vanderpuije added: “Bonus, discounts for family members, wow turned it down.”

Mr Dempsey said: “The bonus, we’ve told them to abolish it, they spend £130m on a bonus scheme right, we’ve told them to get rid of it.

“That’s money you don’t need to spend, they’re stripping out 100m from maintenance, through taking jobs out of it.”

Ms Vanderpuije said: “So you’re turning down money for your members, on one hand asking for more money and on the other hand saying no, we don’t need it.”

Mr Dempsey said: “Well it’s actually quite simple, we’ve got a bonus scheme in Network Rail, that’s got a value of 130m in it.

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Rail strikes: RMT announce plans for strike action

“The majority of people who get the bonuses out of that are the people at the top, and we’ve said rather than cup the £100m worth of jobs out of it, rather than getting rid of people’s jobs get rid of the bonus scheme.

“All it will mean is people on 500k a year, won’t get a 100% bonus.”

RMT Union has imposed rail strikes which caused mass disruption around the country last month.

And due to their demands still not being met, they have planned another.

Staff are planning to walk out on July 27, the latest action was announced this week.


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Rail staff have been offered an 8 percent pay increase over the next two years.

Ministers have been vowing to change the law, in order to allow agency workers so they can work in the striker’s place.

The Secretary of State for Transport, Grant Shapps wrote on Twitter yesterday: “Yesterday @RMTunion was offered pay deal worth up to 8% over 2yrs.

“Today their leadership rejected it without even putting it to their members & instead called another strike.

“RMT bosses aren’t interested in finding a solution, they just want to cause misery to the travelling public.”


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