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TIKTOK sees people become famous overnight, with short videos garnering thousands of views.

Here, we look at Alexis Reed, who has become a popular user of the platform, with over 600,000 likes on her account.

Who is Alexis Reed on TikTok?

Alexis Reed is a TikToker and social media personality.

She posts a variety of videos on her account, including ones of her dancing, singing and being involved in a range of comedic skits.

The influencer has filmed and appeared in videos with a number of other TikTok stars, including Ed Matthews, Hstikkytokky and General G.

She has over 65,000 followers on her account, which includes videos of her and her friends, as well as links to her other social media pages.


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Alexis has amassed just over 660,000 likes on her TikTok account as of April 2023.

How did Alexis Reed become popular on TikTok?

Alexis became popular on TikTok due to her association with fellow TikToker's Ed Matthews and Hstikkytokky.

Alexis has appeared on live recordings with Matthews, where they would read comments from those watching.

She has appeared in a number of videos with Hstikkytokky and his friend General G when they were in Dubai.

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Hstikkytokky invited General G to the city, and they have taken part in a number of activities as part of his series Dubai Takeover.

They have also recorded a song together, entitled Trust, which will be released on April 20, 2023.

Trust has become one of General G's catchphrases, with many of his videos carrying the hashtag #Trustarmy.

Is Alexis Reed on Instagram?

Alexis has over 50,000 followers on her Instagram page.

On the social media platform, she posts videos of what she gets up to in her everyday life, as well as pictures from her travels, including snaps of hotel rooms, beaches and multiple glam locations.

Alexis also has a Twitter account where she shares previews and pictures of her content.

She has over 8,000 followers on that platform.

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