Will Mellor admits nervousness after recent Strictly mistake

Strictly: Will Mellor admits to making ‘mistake’ in routine

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Saturday night saw Strictly Come Dancing celebrate 100 years of the BBC, with dedicated dances to the broadcasters’ programmes over the years. Coronation Street actor Will Mellor and partner Nancy Xu performed the Viennese Waltz to the theme tune of crime show Line of Duty, but made a slight mistake which didn’t get past the watchful eye of the judges. He recently opened up about the slip and expressed that “everyone makes mistakes.”

Joining Rylan Clark on Strictly: It Takes Two, he began: “Shirley and the judges they did mention there was a mistake in there and said about you not trying to over push it.

“Did you understand what they meant?”

Will exclaimed: “Totally, totally! And Nancy had been saying it, we had done it in rehearsals, we did it perfectly, and she was just saying, ‘Relax’.

“But when you are about to do the show, it’s live, your adrenaline kicks up, I’m like an energizer bunny anyway, so I was on edge!”

Interrupting, Rylan joked: “Other power sources are available.”

Will continued: “So I find it hard to keep calm and when the adrenaline kicks in, you’re really eager to do well.

“I think I just overcooked it a bit and I did put a foot wrong. I think I stepped on her toe slightly, and it was a mistake. Mistakes happen.”

Rylan praised his performance and touched on his scores: “Of course, but you pulled it back and got great scores!”

Adamant to express his love for the show, Will said: “Yeah, listen I am not a professional dancer, mistakes are going to happen to everybody.

“Listen, I am just happy that I am improving every week, I am giving everything I have got, I am loving the show, I am loving doing it.

“It has taken over my life, and I just want to keep going as long as I can.”

Rylan agreed: “Well we are happy that you are still going.”

Noticing the mistake on Saturday night, head judge Shirley Ballas said: “Well, fortunately in my world Viennese Waltz is such a soft and flowing dance, so this is a different take on the Waltz.

“I appreciate you bringing something new to the performance. It was powerful, I am not used to seeing that much power going into the Viennese Waltz.

“I liked it in some areas, but power knocks you off your feet when you were doing your chain steps, and you cannot now capture your own balance, it is not just in this dance.

“I can tell you are 100 percent committed, Will. I can tell you really want to make the final, I feel it, but what I am saying to you is don’t overpush everything.

“It will knock you the other way because those mistakes are going to start counting as are moving forward, but I loved the performance, I love the fact that you give it your all.”

Receiving his results, all four judges awarded Will and Nancy an eight for their performance giving them a total of 32 out of a possible 40.

Unfortunately, it was Jayde Adams and partner Karen Huer who were eliminated from the competition after going head to head in the dance-off with Molly Rainford and Carlos Gu.

Strictly Come Dancing airs Saturday from 6:30pm on BBC One.

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