Yellowstone fans ‘work out’ reason Beth Dutton is ‘f**ked up’ with flashback

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Paramount Network’s hit drama series Yellowstone has finally landed on CBS and despite it’s obvious changes, the debut has proved to be a major success. 

With loyal fans re-watching for another dose of the Dutton family and new fans tuning in for the first time, the premiere has raked in an impressive 6.6 million viewers. 

As a result, many have been reintroduced to John Dutton’s (played by Kevin Costner) wife Evelyn Dutton (Gretchen Mol) with flashbacks leading up to her death. 

However, the mother-of-three met her demise during the most recent episode, No Good Horses. 

With her stern approach to motherhood, fans are convinced Beth Dutton (Kelly Reilly) inherited her infamous harsh and gritty personality traits from Evelyn. 

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During episode three, Evelyn was out horseriding with a young Beth (Kylie Rogers) and Kayce Dutton (Rhys Alterman) when she died a tragic death. 

In the moments before, Beth was working towards getting over her fear of horses when she accidentally spooked hers. 

This then caused a chain reaction, as Evelyn was flung off her own horse when it was spooked by Beth’s own steed. 

After the tragic fall, she looked at Beth and said some harsh final words, telling Kayce: “She did this. Let her undo it.”

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While Kayce stayed by his mother’s side, Beth ran back home to get John, but by the time they arrived, Evelyn had taken her final breath. 

Taking to Reddit, fans realised the lasting impact Evelyn’s tough approach to parenting had on Beth as u/wolfinsocks remarked: “Man Mrs. Dutton seems like a b***h.”

U/zsreport added: “No wonder Beth is so f**ked up,” to which u/pi3dpip3r added: “Beth needs Help because she has PTSD over her mother’s death.”

Speaking on adult Beth’s lack of horseriding expertise, u/m0atzart stated: “Which is also why she no longer “goes near the f***in things.” (sic)

While an unmoved @__xanthippe_ wrote: “So Evelyn was a s***ty mother & we saw that in the first 2 mins of her being onscreen so I was not emotionally invested in her death at all.” (sic)

In an episode of Yellowstone’s Behind The Story, Beth’s Kelly Reilly stated: “We get to see this very pure young girl go through such a trauma.

“She has never been able to get past that. It’s like a part of her soul just left when her mother died. We start to understand her layers.”

The flashback unfolded on the anniversary of Evelyn’s death as Beth took a bath in a trough with a bottle of champagne.

Yellowstone season 1 continues Fridays on CBS 

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