Audiences stunned by 'magical' DRONES that created giant corgi [Video]

Audiences stunned by ‘magical’ DRONES that created an enormous corgi, cup of tea and Queen’s handbag which lit up the sky above Buckingham Palace and could be seen for miles during the Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee concert

  • Audiences were stunned by drones used to create a sky-sized corgi during show
  • The ‘magical’ effects also included a teapot, stamp, and thank you message
  • The carefully choreographed drones hovered above the audience on The Mall 
  • It could be seen for miles across London, illuminating the celebrations below 
  • Latest Platinum Jubilee news as the Queen celebrates 70 years of service

Audiences were stunned by the use of drones to create a sky-sized corgi, cup of tea and the Queen’s handbag which lit up the sky above Buckingham Palace and could be seen for miles during the Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee concert.

The corgi, a favourite breed of the monarch’s, sat above Buckingham Palace with its tongue out and a bone by its paw.

The effects also portrayed a horse, an outline of a stamp — complete with the Queen’s face — and a note saying: ‘Thank you Ma’am’.

Hundreds took to social media to commend the display, which they labelled ‘magical’ and ‘superb,’ as part of ongoing Jubilee celebrations.

Drones lit up the sky saying ‘Thank you Ma’am’ as part of last night’s jubilee celebrations

A giant corgi was created in the sky above the palace, with people delighted by the sight

‘There is a giant drone corgi over Buckingham Palace and this is the best country on earth,’ one user wrote on Twitter.

‘Corg’ Blimey!’ Mayor of London Sadiq Khan tweeted.

Parliamentary sketch writer John Crace said to his followers: ‘Well the corgi stole the show.’

‘The planning required… to make a corgi in the sky is so quintessentially British I’m in awe,’ a Twitter account wrote.

‘Whoever programmed, organised the drones at the Queen’s 70th jubilee and whoever came up with the idea need a raise,’ another said. 

‘What a show! Never look at Buckingham Palace in the same way ever again,’ another viewer said. ‘Spectacular backdrop of light shows & drone work adding to the joy of tens and tens of thousands packing the Mall. Kudos to everyone who put it together.’ 

‘I, for one, welcome our new Corgi overlord,’ tweeted another.

British solicitor Nazir Afzal called the effects ‘brilliant’.

‘The rest of the world must think we’re bonkers…’ he added.

Others said that the display created a ‘special glow to the platinum jubilee’ celebrations, with viewers thanking the ‘technicians, builders, security staff, electricians, lighting and sound specialists, drone engineers, designers and artists who have lit up Buckingham Palace beautifully’.  

The show could be seen far and wide as some commented that they could see the effects streets away from Buckingham Palace.

The display was part of a star-studded open-air concert in front of the Palace, its line-up including Sir Rod Stewart, Alicia Keys, Sir Elton John and Lin-Manuel Miranda.

The Queen delighted millions of viewers by appearing in a surprise comic sketch with Paddington Bear to kick-start the Jubilee concert.

The monarch and the famous bear – both much loved British institutions – tapped out the beat of the We Will Rock You anthem together on china teacups using silver spoons as a unique way of getting the celebrations under way.

Royal fans watch as Prince Charles, and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, appear on stage during the Platinum Jubilee concert taking place in front of Buckingham Palace

Duran Duran performs during the Platinum Party at the Palace in front of Buckingham Palace, London, on day three of the Platinum Jubilee celebrations for the Queen

With the special, secretly-pre-recorded humorous two-and-a-half-minute sequence played at the start of the televised BBC’s Platinum Party at the Palace, the unlikely duo set the rhythm for opening act Queen + Adam Lambert – who joined in on the main stage.

Elizabeth II and the digitally animated character met for a chaotic cream tea at ‘Buckingham Palace’ in the footage, with the Queen revealing she shares Paddington’s love of marmalade sandwiches and keeps an emergency stash in her trademark handbag.

The concert was the highlight of the third day of public events to mark the 96-year-old monarch’s record-breaking Platinum Jubilee with 22,000 people in attendance outside Buckingham Palace.

The Queen delighted millions of viewers when she appeared in a surprise comic sketch with Paddington Bear to kick-start the Jubilee concert. Pictured: Queen Elizabeth and Paddington Bear having cream tea and a marmalade at Buckingham Palace

The Queen performed a skit for the BBC’s Platinum Party at the Palace, where she and Paddington Bear chatted before she tapped along to ‘We Will Rock You’ by Queen to kick start the party and star-studded concert this evening

Motown legend Diana Ross, performed for the first time in Britain in 15 years and was a star attraction at the event, which was held on a purpose-built 360-degree stage outside the queen’s central London residence.

Those involved in the film, which was actually shot at Windsor Castle, praised the Queen’s wit and warmth during the process, saying she shone and put them all at ease.

Although the Queen was absent, the Royal Family were out in force along with tens of thousands of fans at the star-studded Party at the Palace event – which the Duke and Duchess of Sussex missed.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and their children Prince George and Princess Charlotte led the royal arrivals.

Queen’s guitarist Brian May performs at the Platinum Party at Buckingham Palace on Saturday night

Mike Tindall, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, Zara Tindall, Princess Charlotte of Cambridge and Prince George of Cambridge wave their Union Jack flags during the Platinum Party on Saturday night 

The crowds heard archive recordings of the Queen speaking about the future of the planet in 1989 during her Christmas Message: ‘The future of all life on earth depends on how we behave towards one another and how we treat the plants and animals that share our world with us’

Prince William said the need to ‘protect and restore’ our planet has never been ‘more urgent’ as he paid tribute to the Queen during an environment-themed speech in front of Buckingham Palace for the Jubilee concert

Prince Charles delivered a heartfelt tribute to his ‘Mummy’, The Queen, toward the end of the Party

Prince William, 39, and Kate Middleton, 40, brought along their two eldest children as the Royal Family turned out in force for the historic concert in London.

Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall, Zara and Mike Tindall and Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice and their husbands were also in attendance.

Prince Charles and Prince William took centre stage in front of a crowd of 22,000 to pay tribute to the Queen during the star-studded Jubilee concert.

The father and son – both future kings – spoke separately in honour of the monarch towards the end of the BBC’s open-air Party at the Palace show, staged in the front of Buckingham Palace.

Clarence House and Kensington Palace announced both Charles and William would address the crowds at the high profile event, which fell on the third evening of the four-day Jubilee festivities.

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