Britain should keep up support for Ukraine despite financial costs of war, voters say | The Sun

BRITS are still overwhelmingly prepared to make sacrifices in support of Ukraine, a poll has found.

Nearly two years on from Putin’s invasion, 60 per cent of voters say the UK should stand squarely with President Zelensky’s struggle – “even if it makes life harder”.

Whereas just 20 per cent think Rishi Sunak should not row behind Ukraine if it puts the squeeze on families here at home, and 14 per cent don’t know.

While just 6 per cent are not bothered about Ukraine defeating Russia, 48 per cent declare victory “very important”, and a further 27 per cent “somewhat important”.

The More In Common poll shatters unguarded claims from Italian PM Giorgia Meloni that the West is growing tired of the war.



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And it puts paid to fears the escalating Israel-Hamas conflict is sapping support for Ukraine.

In fact 60 per cent think Britain should help Ukraine reclaim territory it held before Russia’s siege, with 26 per cent wanting them to claw back land it had before the 2014 Crimea annexation.

Pollster Luke Tryl told the Sun: “Despite so much of the political and media attention focusing on the Israel-Hamas war, Brits haven’t forgotten about Ukraine.

“They continue to overwhelmingly believe that it matters to Britain that Ukraine wins the war and that we need to stay the course in our support for Ukraine even when it costs us here at home.”

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