California looters 'snatch firefighter’s wallet and drain his bank account as he fought massive blaze'

A HEROIC firefighter has been left with a drained bank account after his wallet was stolen by looters while he was battling a destructive blaze.

The opportunistic criminals targeted an evacuation zone in the Santa Cruz Mountains area in Northern California, breaking into the commander’s car.

The investigation to find the thief, or thieves, which District Attorney Jeff Rosell described as “absolutely soulless,” is underway. 

 “It’s sickening that one of our fire ground commanders, while out taking care of business and directing firefighting crews, somebody entered his department vehicle and stole his wallet and drained his bank account,” a California fire official said in a briefing.

The fire is one of 650 that have been raging in California, sparked by over 10,000 lightning strikes, according to the Associated Press. So far, the CZU blaze has killed one.

Battling the extensive California fires has required 14,0000 firefighters. 2,400 fire engines and 95 aircraft have been called upon. 

The CZU fire has ravaged over 70,000 acres, and, perhaps most chillingly, is only 17% contained, according to KRON.

Santa Cruz County Sheriff Jim Hart is confident that the wallet thief will be caught, and dealt with harshly.

“I can't imagine a bigger low-life," Hart said.

"The DA is going to hammer him.”

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