Cat who became Polish town's top-rated attraction REMOVED from Google

Fat’s your lot! Obese cat who became Polish town’s top-rated tourist attraction is REMOVED from Google, taken OFF the streets and put on a diet after so many sightseers visited to give him treats

  • Gacek’s popularity brought in many visitors but he soon ballooned in size
  • He has been removed from Google, apparently to stop sightseers feeding him 

A fat cat who became a Polish town’s top rated attraction has been removed from Google, taken off the streets and put on a diet after welcoming too many generous visitors.

The podgy black and white stray named Gacek shot to global fame after scoring a Google ranking of five from reviewers. 

Dubbed ‘the King of Kaszubska’ after the name of the street he lived on in the city of Szczecin, Gacek was ranked on Google higher than the city’s more traditional tourist hotspots including the award-winning Philharmonic, the Castle of Pomeranian Dukes and a network of underground WWII tunnels.

At the height of his fame earlier this year he even survived a kidnapping attempt when a woman was snapped on camera jumping into a cab after attempting to seize the 6-year-old celebrity moggy.

But his listing has now been removed from Google after locals expressed concerns over his health, stopping sightseers from flocking to the town to see – and feed – him.

Before: Gacek received glowing reviews from adorning fans in the Polish city of Szczecin

After: Photos of a revitalised, much thinner Gacek have since circulated online

Poland’s most famous cat has spent recent months trying to lose weight and moving off the streets into a new home

Gacek amassed over 3,000 Google user reviews at the height of his international fame.

One calling themselves ‘josefita’ posted: ‘best kitty cat ever, very good boy, would recommend 100%. 10/10.’

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Another called Fabian Webb wrote: ‘Best thing I have ever seen.’

Meanwhile, Amy Seabold gushed: ‘Stunning. Moving. Beautiful. Groundbreaking. 10/10, cannot recommend more.’

Ina posted: ‘Went to Sczeczin and had to come meet this chubby cat.

‘He was friendly, but did not like having his picture taken. Still. Definitely worth the walk to meet this feline native. 5 stars of course.’

But with tourists constantly giving Gacek snacks, he ballooned in size leading the city’s animal shelter to appeal for people not to feed him.

In April, the city’s Animal Welfare Association took him in for treatment after he suffered problems with his teeth and joints.

A vet also recommended that he lose 4-5 kgs (9-11 lbs) of weight.

And last month the organisation announced that Gacek was ‘doing well and had found a new home.’

Posting a photo of the slimmed down Gacek on social media, the Animal Welfare Association wrote: ‘I’m no longer Gacek. From today, call me George… George Clooney in the cat version, yes that’s the new me!

‘I’m fit and I’m good with it. I’m running up and down stairs, jumping on countertops.’

One delighted fan posted: ‘You’ve always been handsome, but now you’ve gone too far.’

Another commented: ‘How handsome is he?!?

Another said simply: ‘Puurrfect!’

The super star cat is now helping the local animal shelter raise funds to look after other cats.

Gacek was once the top-rated ‘tourist attraction’ in the city of Szczecin, ahead of the award-winning Philharmonic, the Castle of Pomeranian Dukes and a network of underground tunnels

Ale bydlę! Locals worried that Gacek’s popularity was causing him to get quite fat

Celebrity fat cat Gacek addresses media at the height of his popularity amid concerns he has been over-zealously enjoying the spoils of fame – with visitors flocking in with treats

In March, MailOnline reported that a cat thief had been thwarted in her attempt to steal Gacek – after being chased off by locals.

The woman was snapped on camera after attempting to seize the 6-year-old celebrity moggy in the city of Szczecin.

Seen jumping into a cab after Gacek escaped by hiding underneath a nearby car, the wannabe catnapper has now been shamed on social media.

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