Disney worker ruins marriage proposal in front of Cinderella's castle

Happiest place on Earth? Disney worker wearing Mickey Mouse ears ruins marriage proposal in front of Cinderella’s Castle by storming up to couple, snatching ring and ushering them away from the restricted zone

  • Footage shows a Disneyland Paris staff member leaping between a couple mid-marriage proposal and snatching the ring out of the hopeful-fiancé’s hand
  • The staff member beckons the couple down from the platform they’re on telling them ‘That’s the rule,’ while they insist they had permission
  • Reactions across the internet have been mixed, with some vilifying the staff member, and others saying the couple were clearly somewhere they weren’t supposed to be
  • Disney said they apologized to the couple and promised to make things right

A Disney couple’s magical moment has been snatched away by an overzealous member of staff wearing Mickey Mouse ears.

Video from Disneyland Paris showed the pair in the shadow of the Cinderella castle when the worker leapt between them and took the ring out of the fiancé’s hand.   

The employee beckoned the pair off the platform they were standing on and the shocked duo followed him down during the bizarre exchange last week.

Some branded the Disney worker ‘evil’ and others said he made an effective snap decision to dissuade other guests from staging marriage proposals there.

A Disneyland Paris worker stole a couple’s magic moment when he snatched their engagement ring mid-proposal

The man had hoped to propose to his girlfriend in front of the Cinderella Castle. He had only just got down on one knee when the man in Mickey Mouse ears struck

The video was posted on Reddit under the title ‘POS destroyed my best friends moment. He asked for permission beforehand.’

In the film, onlookers can be heard applauding as the man drops to his knees and his girlfriend puts her hands to her face in shock.

After the staff member scurries into frame, nabs the engagement ring, and beckons the stunned couple down to another location, the crowd begins to boo while the staff member shakes his head and smiles.

The couple head down the stairs as fairytale music swirls in the air. 

When they reach the bottom the staff member hands back the ring and appears to say ‘That’s the rule.’

As he popped the question, a Disneyland Paris worker in Mickey Mouse ears ran up, grabbed the ring and ran away

He ushered the couple from the platform, ruining their magical moment in the theme park

He was pictured smiling after he took the ring, beckoning the couple down the stairs and saying ‘That’s the rule.’

The man holds out a hand and points off screen saying ‘She said yes,’ though it is unclear if he means his would-be betrothed or a staff member off-camera. 

‘Yes, that’s great, but over here it’s going to be even better,’ the staff member in ears says, unmoved as he waves the woman down the stairs. 

The camera then pulls back for a moment and shows that the platform the couple had just been escorted off of is behind a closed gate. 

Reactions around the internet to the video have been mixed, with some people vilifying the staff member, and others leaping to his defense and saying that the couple clearly did not have permission to be where they were.    

On Reddit, one user wrote, ‘He looked really happy to have the chance to destroy a romantic moment. Really awful evil guy right there.’ 

‘Those Mickey ears bestow great power,’ another said. 

As the staff member handed the ring back, the man said ‘She said yes,’ though it is unclear if he meant his betrothed or a staff member who had given him permission for the proposal location

Some have labeled the staff member as ‘evil,’ accusing him of gleefully ruining the couple’s once in a lifetime moment

Other’s have defended him, saying it was clear that the couple had gone somewhere they knew they weren’t supposed to be, and that the staff member was doing his job

But some leapt to the staff member’s defense, saying that they recognized him, and that he was always an extremely enthusiastic and effective presence at the park. 

‘If it’s who I think it is, then he’s been nothing less than stellar every time I’ve been to DLP,’ a user wrote on a Disneyland Paris page on Reddit, ‘This video lacks all context and I think anyone who knows the Park will know this specific area is prohibited and hopefully remember the CM [cast member].’

Users on that thread noted that the stage platform where the couple proposed is prohibited to guests as it often has potentially hazardous pyrotechnics set up for performances on them. As the gate at the foot of the stairs was closed in the video, they suspect it is likely the couple hopped the fence without permission.

Disney reportedly apologized to the couple.  

‘We regret how this was handled. We have apologized to the couple involved and offered to make it right,’ the park said in a statement.

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