Five Guys reveal REAL reason why you get those 'extra' fries

The REAL reason why Five Guys food bags always have ‘extra’ fries at the bottom – is it as generous as it seems?

  • Five Guys are known for pouring a generous portion of fries when people order
  • The American fast food chain has explained the REAL reason behind extra fries
  • In a statement, the franchise claims the fries can be shared out with loved ones

Five Guys has long mystified and delighted diners by shoving a small mound of seemingly free extra fries at the bottom of their takeaway bags.

For years the fast food favourite – which has 1,700 diners worldwide – claimed they were simply just nicer guys than their competitors.

Speaking in 2016 Five Guys chief Chad Murrell said: ‘I won’t name names, but other restaurants just don’t give a satisfying amount of fries.’

But while it seems like a freebie – is it too good to be true?

Known for its burgers are served with tons of toppings, Five Guys is also popular thanks to its large portions – especially when it comes to fries (Photo: Shutterstock)

According to a statement released on the Five Guys UK website, the extra chips can be shared because their portions are naturally bigger because they are ‘generous’ – with one portion technically serves more than only one person. 

The statement reads: ‘Our fries are served in a white cup which varies in size depending on the portion ordered. 

‘Plus, we always add an ‘extra scoop’ of fries in the bag as we believe in generosity!’

The chain added: ‘We suggest sharing the fries if you are visiting with other people.

‘We recommend that the serving size for 1 Little portion is between 1-2 people, and for 1 Large portion is between 3-4 people, although it’s up to you!’

But while it sounds like a bargain deal Five Guys is considerably more expensive that other fast food chains.

This means that while punters do get more chips than your average fast food restaurant – they are paying for them. 

Five Guys claim that the extra fries can be shared with loved ones when visiting together – as one portion technically serves more than only one person (Photo: METRO Published Images)

In the UK, competitors such as McDonald’s sell a small serving of fries for £0.99, medium for £1.49 and a large for £1.99.

KFC, on the other hand, price their regular signature fries at £1.99 and a large portion at £2.69, while Burger King sell its regular portion of fries for £1.59 and a larger option for £1.99.

Meanwhile, a small helping of ‘Five Guys Style’ fries costs £2.95 at the American-style franchise, while a regular portion costs £4.50 and a large priced at £5.25.

Iain Ross-Mackenzie, Director Of Operations-APAC at Five Guys International, told The Rakyat Post in 2022 that fresh ingredients and the fact that customers can customise their orders to the extreme are some of the reasons behind the brand’s prices.

He explained: ‘Customer choice is really important to us. We want to put control back in the consumer’s pocket.’

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