Hunt for fugitive after woman found dead inside burning car & rape victim found chained up in nearby house

COPS are searching for a man after a woman was found dead inside a burning car and another female was found chained up inside a nearby house.

Investigators are looking for Jose Marin Soriano following the discoveries in Liberty County, Texas, on Saturday evening.

Law enforcement officials received a "frantic" 911 call from a woman who said she was chained to a bed while her friend was killed in a car outside the residence, according to Click2Houston.

When deputies responded to the call they found a woman dead inside a burned vehicle across from the residence where the call came from.

Deputies said they found the woman who made the call chained at the ankle with a rope tied around her neck inside the house, which is located in the Rancho San Vicente subdivision in north Liberty County.

Both women worked as cleaners for 59-year-old Soriano, according to the local publication.

Deputies said Soriano had revealing photos of the now-deceased woman in his possession and he had told the victim he would delete the photos if she met him at his home.

When the women arrived, Soriano allegedly pulled a gun on them, and sexually assaulted the woman who made the 911 call.

The other woman attempted to escape the house in her vehicle, but the car crashed into the woods across the street from Soriano's home and caught fire, according to police.

Investigators said a bullet wound was found on the dead woman when she was later examined.

Soriano fled the screen in a gray Ford pickup truck and his is "armed and could be dangerous," according to detectives.

Police say Soriano left his cell phone behind when he attempted to chase the woman who fled in her car, and the woman in the house used it to call the cops.

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