I got a Domino's logo tattooed on my thigh in the hope of getting free pizza | The Sun

A PIZZA lover had the Domino’s logo tattooed on his thigh — in the hope of blagging free food.

But Zak Tucker, who spent £87 on the inking, is still waiting for a slice of luck.

The decorator, 26, got the tatt done on holiday in Majorca with his sister and girlfriend Elisha Marrison, 23. Zak, who orders Domino’s up to ten times a month, said: “I was umming and aahing about what to get done.

“My girlfriend said, ‘Get something related to pizza, you love pizza, you live off pizza, you spend thousands on Domino’s’.

“It was kind of my thinking that I might get a free Domino’s by getting this tattoo done and having my friend tweet out a picture of it.

"I’ve not heard anything back as of yet, but it’d be great to have a free pizza.”


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Zak, of Barnsley, reckons he spent around £1,000 on Domino’s pizzas last year.

He said: “How much I order depends on how things are going.

“Domino’s is a comfort food, a pepperoni pizza is my go-to order.

"I reckon I’d probably have ordered Domino’s between six and ten times a month.

"Domino’s is my go-to place for pizza.”

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A spokesman said: “We love to see our customers’ epic displays of loyalty — there really are some loyal fans out there who we’re lucky to have.

“Whilst we can’t condone such permanent displays of fandom, we love Zak’s enthusiasm!”

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