I saw a creepy man filming me on the train for 20 minutes – but I got my own back when I caught him out

THIS is the moment an aspiring model is filmed by a "creepy" man on a train – before she pulls out her phone and starts videoing him back.

Shinae, 21, who comes from Te Awamutu on New Zealand's North Island, told of her horror after realising the man who sat opposite her was brazenly filming her with his mobile.

Speaking to the Sun, the young woman explained she boarded a train at Valley station in Queensland Australia, and was on her way to vising a friend.

"I got on the train and noticed it was an empty carriage but I saw a man get on from the same station and sit across from me.

"I thought nothing much," Shinae said.

She didn't pay any attention to the male passenger until he pulled his phone out and started filming.

"I was just scrolling on my phone when I noticed he was staring at me. I didn’t pay attention but when I looked up again to see if he looked away, I saw his phone pointed right at me. I instantly felt uneasy."


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The uncomfortable act went on for 20 minutes.

Shinae posted videos of the whole incident on her TikTok page, describing how the two made eye contact as he continued to video her.

"He saw me look in his direction but he continued to film," Shinae said about the incident.

While the man did not usher a word during the uncomfortable incident, the young model said he kept staring at her.

"He didn’t make an effort in communication. I thought about confronting him but being alone I didn’t want to take the risk in case he reacted badly and acted out."

"So I decided just to do the same to him. I figured if I do the same and he doesn’t react then I might just be overreacting."

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As soon as the young woman turned her phone towards the man and started videoing him, he casually stood and walked away before getting off at the next station.

"I was very anxious as I held my phone up. I recorded for a total of 13 seconds and he immediately got off and got off at the next station," she said.

"It’s not nice knowing you aren’t safe in the daytime on public transport. It’s really disappointing this still happens", Shinae added.

As soon as Shinae arrived at her destination, she immediately rang her friend to let her know she had arrived, in case "someone could possibly be waiting for me at one of the empty stations ahead".

"You never know if he could be filming and telling someone what station you are getting off at. Or what they can be doing with the video."

After Shinae posted the video on Tiktok, she received a barrage of disgusting comments from users and was forced to delete the video.

"It’s so disappointing how scared and unsafe women can feel just in public, living day to day," she said.

"We have to make it known that this is not ok and if we keep ignoring this and letting it happen, it’s just going to get worse."

Shinae added: "It could happen to your mother, daughter, sister, or anyone. It’s sad that as women we have to be conditioned to put up with such degrading things, and people are so shocked when we speak out."

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"In civilised society, we shouldn’t have to be on edge when going in public. Let’s put a stop to this and report it as soon as it happens."

The young woman has since forwarded her video to the train station where they both boarded in the Waikato region in the hope that staff and local authorities may be able to identify him.

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