I'm a time traveler – one of the deadliest natural disasters in American history will strike in six months | The Sun

THE UNITED States will experience one of the deadliest spates of natural disasters next year, according to a supposed time traveler.

The wild claims came from TikTok user @realtiktoktimetraveler, who purported to be from 2236 and has made many other spurious predictions.

In the clip, the self-proclaimed time traveler alleged three future events that will rock the continent in the Northern Hemisphere.

The video reads: "Yes, you may not believe it but I am a real time traveler and to prove it I'm going to list some events that are going to occur in early 2023.

"In February the Maui dolphin will go extinct due to being caught in large nets because of overfishing.

"In April 2023 Disney will buy out another large film studio gaining access to some of the most popular movies ever.


I’m time traveller from 2198 -3 terrifying disasters will happen this century

I’m a time traveller – two major events will occur in next six months

"In June 2023 one of the largest tornadoes hits the south side of North America causing many casualties."

The bizarre predictions left TikTok users baffled and sceptical.

One follower commented: "You are not real, yesterday you said there would be a volcano eruption and half the world would be covered in ash cloud."

Another said: "He deleted his past predictions because none of them were accurate."

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One fed up sceptic said: "Not this again."

Despite none of his previous predictions panning out, the sham voyager racks up hundreds of thousands of views on his videos.

People claiming to be time travelers have trended on TikTok, reaching millions of viewers.

One self-proclaimed time traveler boldly claimed to be at a World Cup match, telling fans the final score of the game.

Whilst another alleged aliens will be discovered next year.

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