‘It looks more like Butlins than prison’

‘It looks more like Butlins than prison’: Fury after video is posted on Facebook showing inmates yelling ‘Whoomp There It Is’ as they enjoy a ‘rave’ on Christmas Day

  • Footage believed to be from HMP Lancaster Farms shows inmates partying
  • One prisoner throws himself to the floor doing ‘the worm’ to loud dance music
  • Former prison officer said the clip from Lancashire jail made him ‘want to vomit’ 

Video of prisoners enjoying what seems to be an ‘impromptu rave’ on Christmas Day has caused widespread outrage after it emerged online.

One former prison officer said the scenes of inmates dancing made him want to ‘vomit’. Other said it reminded them of scenes from Butlins.

The clip, which is believed to have been filmed in HMP Lancaster Farm, North Lancashire, has received over 500,000 views with nearly two thousand comments.

The clip, believed to have been filmed by a prisoner, has emerged on two Facebook pages so far, one of which said it happened on Christmas Day and both of which identified the same jail. 

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    Prisoner, 28, who ran £700,000 drugs operation from INSIDE…

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In the short clip, prisoners are seen dancing – and trying to dance – while listening to deafening dance music.

The inmates, on a landing, wave their hands in the air while one dances in a Santa hat.

They are filmed happily chanting along to the song ‘Whoomp There It Is’ by Tag Team as they enjoy their Christmas Day party.

Another prisoner is smiling and puts his arms up in the air showing his Hugo Boss jumper before the clip moves over to show a man in a grey t-shirt robotically dancing.

Prison inmates, believed to be incarcerated at HMP Lancaster Farm in North Lancashire, has provoked outrage online after a video emerged of them dancing and partying on Christmas Day

the video shows inmates dancing to loud music. One Facebook user who identified himself as a former prison officer said the clip made him ‘want to vomit’

One prisoner, wearing a Santa hat with tassles attempted a cartwheel and then tried to perform the worm

The inmate sporting a Santa hat then attempts a cartwheel before throwing himself to the floor to attempt ‘the worm’ dance, undulating his body backwards.

In the background a two-litre soft drink bottle can be seen on a table.

Sam Riley wrote under the Facebook post: ‘As a retired Prison Officer these scenes make me want to vomit.

‘The Governors at the Farms should hang their heads in shame. Total disgrace.’

The clip, captioned ‘christmas Day at Lancaster Farm’ by a Facebook user and believed to have been filmed by a prisoner,  shows inmates on a landing in the jail

There are some dubious dance moves on display among the young men who were spendnig December 25 behind bars

Phil Kuczer added: ‘Looks like f****** Butlins not prison. Absolutely shocking.’

Nathan Sweeney wrote: ‘It’s a prison. Not a playhouse. No wonder people aren’t a***d if they get sent down any more.

‘Let’s not blame mental health now for f**k sake. That words get thrown about to much these days. Absolute joke if you think they should have the right to party like that. They need a good hiding.’

Shaun Nixon posted: ‘Criminals getting a bed and Christmas dinner whilst ex- servicemen and women are homeless for Christmas. Absolute joke.’

On Facebook, users – including one who identified himself as a retired prison officer – were outraged by the footage

James Adam Jackson said: ‘The fact that they are in jail but they are happy. It shows how much they don’t take their punishment seriously and just don’t care about our joke of a justice system.’

Dona Shand said: ‘F******* joke this is. They have a better life in jail than us out here.’

Simon Gaskell said: ‘Tax payers money well spent again I see. What a joke this country is.’

A Prison Service woman said: ‘This behaviour is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. We have recruited an extra 3,500 prison officers over the last two years and are investing an additional £40 million in safety and security.

‘Anyone found with a mobile phone faces extra time behind bars and we are spending £2 million to detect and block them from being used.’

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