Jonathan Majors berates ex for not being like Coretta Scott King

Jonathan Majors is heard in newly released audio telling ex-girlfriend she is nothing like Coretta Scott King or Michelle Obama – while he does ‘great things’ – as his assault trial nears end

  • Majors, 34, told Grace Jabbari, 30, he is a ‘great man’ doing ‘great things’ who needs a ‘great woman’ to support him
  • The argument began after Majors became angry his ex-girlfriend allegedly returned home drunk
  • The audio was released by the New York City court where Majors is on trial for allegedly assaulting his former partner

Jonathan Majors is heard berating his former partner for not emulating the example of Coretta Scott King or Michelle Obama in new audio released as evidence in his assault trial.

The Creed III actor is accused of assaulting his ex-girlfriend Grace Jabbari, 30, after she saw a text on his phone from another woman.

A tranche of evidence in the case against the 34-year-old was released on Wednesday, including the bizarre audio that was played to the court in New York City.

‘You don’t understand, that team, that unit […] Coretta Scott King, do you know who that is?’ Majors asks during the clip. ‘That’s Martin Luther King’s wife. Michelle Obama, Barack Obama’s wife.’

In the clip, Majors blasts Jabbari for having gone out drinking while she secretly records.

Audio has been released in the trial of Jonathan Majors which shows him berating his ex-girlfriend Grace Jabbari for not living up to the standards of Coretta Scott King and Michelle Obama. Pictured: Majors leaving the court on Wednesday with his new girlfriend Meagan Good

The New York City court where the case is being heard released the audio that details Majors telling Jabbari he is a ‘great man’ doing ‘great things’ 

Majors faces four misdemeanor charges over an incident on March 25 when he allegedly assaulted Jabbari. Pictured: Majors with Good inside a New York City courthouse

‘How dare you come home drunk and disturb the peace of our house,’ Majors fumes as a tearful Jabbari sobs.

Throughout the exchange, she can be heard sniffling and repeatedly apologizing, stating ‘I shouldn’t have gone out’. 

Majors tells her he is a ‘great man’ doing ‘great things’, but admits he has a bad temper.

‘I’m just going to say this, my temper, my s*** […] all that said. I’m a great man. A great man,’ Majors states. ‘I am doing great things, not just for me but for my culture and for the world.

‘That’s real. I’m not being a d*** about it. I didn’t ask for it, I worked and that’s the situation. The woman that supports me, that I support, needs to be a great woman.’

Majors tells her that she needs to make ‘sacrifices’ in the same way he has in order for their ‘plan’ to work.

His obsession with his reputation was echoed in text messages that were also released, which show him begging Jabbari not to seek medical help for her injuries because he is scared there could be an investigation.

Jabbari claims Majors aggressively wrenched his phone out of her hand and smacked her head against a car door when she tried to read a message on his phone from another woman.

The audio was released on Wednesday as part of a tranche of evidence in the case, along with a 911 call and police bodycam footage

Majors is accused of grabbing Jabbari (pictured right) and twisting her arm on the way home from a night out after she spotted a flirty text from another woman. He denies the allegations

Video of the alleged assault was also released by the court and shows the two outside of an SUV

The jury was shown photos of bruising to Jabbari’s fingers that she claims she sustained when Majors allegedly wrenched the phone out of her hand

Majors asked Jabbari if she knew who Coretta Scott King and Michelle Obama were during the bizarre rant which began after Jabbari returned from a night out

Prosecutors say they the texts were part of a ‘cruel and manipulative pattern of abuse’ and appeared to admit hitting her on March 25.

Photos show Jabbari with bruised finger and a laceration behind her ear which she claims were a result of the alleged attack. 

Majors has denied all charges against him and his team claim that Jabbari was the aggressor in the situation. 

Further evidence released by the court showed security camera footage of Majors repeatedly shoving and scuffling Jabbari back into their SUV in a subsequent incident.

But it appears Majors has already suffered reputational damage despite his best efforts.

Since his arrest in March after the incident, his career has been put on hold and ‘Magazine Dreams’, his film about a troubled bodybuilder which was tipped for an Oscar, has been shelved.

Majors played Kang the Conqueror in the Marvel series and was being lined up as the linchpin of the next chapter in the superhero universe, but that now hinges on the outcome of the trial.

The charges against him are misdemeanors, but the evidence that has now been released could hamper his comeback with Disney, which owns Marvel and was due to release ‘Magazine Dreams’.

The defense rested its case in the trial on Wednesday, with closing arguments due to commence on Thursday ahead of jury deliberations.

Majors was seen leaving court hand in hand with new girlfriend Meagan Good, who has stood by him throughout the trial. 

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