Just Stop Oil activist risks losing job over Chelsea Flower Show stunt

Just Stop Oil eco-clown risks losing her job as parish council clerk over her Chelsea Flower Show stunt

  • Naomi Goddard threw orange powder over a  garden at Chelsea Flower Show
  • The 58-year-old is a retired landscape architect and parish council clerk

A Just Stop Oil activist is at risk of losing her job as parish council clerk after she disrupted the Chelsea Flower Show by throwing orange powder over a garden. 

Naomi Goddard, 58, was one of the three activists hosed down by an irate visitor after they threw orange ‘biodegradable cornstarch’ over the flowers and hard landscaping of the RBC Brewin Dolphin garden.

The retired landscape architect and Wadsworth parish council clerk, who has been arrested multiple times for protesting, was heard shouting: ‘Humanity is failing. Everything that you hold dear is in peril.

‘The flower gardens that you treasure. The buildings that you adore. Our traditions. What is the point of a garden if you can’t feed yourself?’

A source at the parish council told The Telegraph her protest may put her job at risk, saying: ‘I’d be surprised if anyone on the council supports her actions. She took pre-booked annual leave to go to London. When she returns, we will follow due process.’

Naomi Goddard, 58, has reportedly put her job as a Wadsworth parish council clerk at risk for her protest at Chelsea Flower Show

The clerk (left) connected her protest with the flooding of her hometown of Hebden Bridge in recent years

Another insider told the newspaper: ‘If you know what kind of place Hebden Bridge is, then you’ll know what people think of this sort of thing.’

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Speaking after the flower show protest, Goddard admitted she was risking losing her job because of her protesting.

She connected her protest with the flooding of her hometown of Hebden Bridge in recent years, claiming it has ‘flooded on five occasions over the last eight years. Soiled sewage-stuffed flood water, pouring into folks’ properties, school rooms, and places of work and destroying rigorously tended gardens’.

However, she did not mention that the area has experienced repeated flooding for centuries.

Gareth Wilson, its award-winning designer, said: ‘These people are absolute morons who have failed to do their homework.

‘The Royal Horticultural Society is massively – probably more than any other organisation of its kind – moving heaven and earth to push for sustainability. It just won’t accept your design if it is not sustainable.

‘If they were doing this protest outside an oil refinery or a company that was using oil or polluting the atmosphere, or pouring oil into rivers I would have a little bit of sympathy.

‘But these morons have come into a sustainable showground. They are working against their own cause.’

Mr Wilson said the mainly recyclable display had been permanently damaged by the orange ‘biodegradable cornstarch’.

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