Kim Jong-un gets red carpet treatment after arriving on armoured train surrounded by briefcase-wielding guards in Russia | The Sun

NORTH Korean leader Kim Jong Un has arrived in Russia where the red carpet was rolled out for him.

Photos showed the moment the dictator, surrounded by brief-case wielding guards, arrived in Vladivostok train station and was greeted by a Russian minister.

Russian officials welcomed the iron fist ruler as he disembarked from his luxury train, as Putin continues to attend the Eastern Economic Forum.

Kim boarded the train bound for Russia late day yesterday ahead of a meeting with President Putin, arriving around 11:30pm in Vladivostok.

Putin and Kim will reportedly discuss the possibility of Kim providing Moscow with the fearsome arsenal of weapons at an undisclosed location.

And expert told The Sun that if the despot pals do meet in Vladivostok today, it could be bad news for the West.


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International Relations expert Sergey Radchenko yesterday told The Sun "The issue at stake is whether North Korea sends weapons to Russia.

"If it does, it would be a relatively important development, with implications for the war in Ukraine."

Upon his arrival in Russia, Kim was surrounded by his usual entourage, along with his phalanx of briefcase-wielding bodyguards.

Following an explosion in the North Korean capital late last month, the dictator is said to be tightening his security.

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Michael Madden, a leading expert on the North Korean elite, said: “These (briefcases) are known as ballistic bags or ballistic briefcases.  

“They are made of carbon fibre. In addition to being bulletproof, they also protect against tasers and other electronic-based ordnance.

“If the spotters radio the guards about suspicious activity or if a shot is fired , they can raise the bags to protect Kim Jong-un.

“These bags also unfold – there is either Velcro or a clasp which can be undone, which turns the bags into a kind of fabric shield.

“So if someone takes a shot at Kim they would open these bags, surround and then cover him until he can be tossed into a car.”

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