Man hurls lavish watch over fence after robbers chase him in LA suburb

Moment quick-thinking victim throws his expensive watch over fence when gang of robbers leap out of car and chase him in LA suburb

  • The unidentified victim was standing on a street when he observed a grey car pulling up and stopping in front of him
  • He ran away from the vehicle after he saw two suspects in hoodies jump out of it
  • He threw his watch over the gate of a home right before the robbers catch up to him
  • Both suspects ran back to their getaway car and drove away from the victim
  • No IDs have been revealed yet but the victim came out of the incident unscathed 

Surveillance footage has captured the moment a man throws his watch over a fence in a LA suburb after gang members leaped out of a car to mug him. 

The robbery, which was recorded on security footage, shows a man wearing a black t-shirt and shorts walking down a street and noticing a grey car pull up after.

The victim, who observed the car until it came to a stop, then panics when he sees two men suddenly jump out of the vehicle. 

The victim, wearing a duffle bag over a black Givenchy t-shirt and dark sunglasses, takes off his lavish watch while running away from the two robbers in flip flops – before deciding to throw it over the fence of a home from the sidewalk.

Video from a home’s security camera captured the moment a man was being chased by two men wearing hoodies and throwing his expensive watch over a fence

The two suspects, one wearing a black hoodie while the other was wearing a blue one, fled from the scene in a grey sedan

The two unidentified suspects stop chasing the man after realizing he no longer has the watch on him. One of them then puts his hands on the gate, seemingly wanting to climb it to collect the expensive accessory, before running back to the car along with the other robber.

Security footage then shows the victim approaching the getaway car and exchanging words with the perpetrators and gesturing at them. 

The exact location of the robbery and the victim’s identity are unknown. 

LAPD data shows that at the end of May 2022 robberies had skyrocketed in Los Angeles by a staggering 21 percent from the same period of time in 2021. There were 3,137 robberies in May 2021, while 3,796 were reported for the week ending on May 28th this year. 

The footage comes amid a controversial zero-bail policy that critics say provides thieves little motivation to not commit crimes.

The zero-dollar bail policy, initiated by the Bail Project during the pandemic to reduce jail crowding, means that suspects are quickly released from custody after they are arrested and booked for misdemeanors and low-level felonies in California.

Police sources blame woke District Attorney George Gascon (pictured at a news conference in December) for the increase in repeat offenders as his policies allow thieves to be released back into LA without facing severe or lengthy punishments for their crimes

‘As California struggles to contain COVID-19, this critical bill would help mitigate the crisis by preventing tens of thousands of people from cycling unnecessarily through overcrowded jails just because they cannot afford bail,’ the Bail Project said of the bail order on its website.

Proponents of the zero-dollar bail order claim it has helped to lower rates of recidivism among criminal offenders, however crime has continued to spike city and statewide, with smash-and-grab burglaries becoming a regular occurrence.

City officials are now encouraging people to leave their flashy jewelry at home to avoid making themselves ‘targets’ to criminals, and woke District Attorney George Gascon advised residents to lock their case in a public service announcement shared in May. 

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