Mass Shooting In Philadelphia Kills Three and Injures 11

Three people were killed and at least 11 others were injured when gunmen opened fire at a crowded intersection in Philadelphia’s South Street entertainment district late Saturday night, NBC Philadelphia reports.

Hundreds of people were out enjoying the night when gunfire erupted shortly before midnight. Police said they heard multiple gunshots, then saw “several active shooters” firing into a crowd.

Police believe at least five people opened fire in an attack sparked by a street fight. According to authorities, two guns were recovered, but the suspects remain at large.

Those killed were identified as 34-year-old Gregory Jackson, 27-year-old Alexis Quinn and a 22-year-old man. Eleven others suffered gunshot wounds. Officials did not release the 22-year-old man’s identity, but the American Federation of Teachers identified him as Kris Minners, a resident advisor at Girard College.

“Yesterday was a dark day for Philadelphia,” the city’s Police Department Commissioner Danielle Outlaw said at a news conference held on Sunday. “We are absolutely devastated, devastated by this incident. And we mourn the lives lost and the dozens and dozens of lives affected by this tragedy.”

Authorities believe one of the three killed was involved in “a physical altercation” with another man, and those two began firing at each other, with both hit by gunfire and one killed. The two other people killed and the other shooting victims are believed to be innocent bystanders.

“Once again, we see lives senselessly lost and those injured in yet another horrendous, brazen, and despicable act of gun violence,” Mayor Jim Kenney said in a statement. “My heart is with the family, friends, loved ones of those lost or injured, and with everyone impacted by this terrible tragedy.”

According to CNN, local police are working with state and federal authorities on the investigation. The FBI is assisting with resources. Police are offering a $20,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest and are urging any witnesses to come forward.

The Saturday shooting in Philadelphia is just the latest in many mass shootings taking place across the country.

“We cannot accept continued violence as a way of life in our country. Until we address the availability and ease of access to firearms, we will always be fighting an uphill battle,” Kenney said in his statement. “As Mayor, I will continue to fight to protect our communities and urge others to advocate for stronger laws that keep guns out of the hands of violent individuals.”

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