More than 25,000 pupil attacks on teachers were recorded last year | The Sun

MORE than 25,000 pupil attacks on teachers were recorded last year, shock government figures show.

Separate data reveals that £300,000 in compensation was awarded to staff hurt by kids.

The sum was part of a total £3million paid out on almost 100 occasions for injuries suffered while working at schools.

A survey of councils showed that it includes compensation for trips and slips, stress, electric shocks and exposure to deadly asbestos.

But some of the biggest awards were for staff traumatised after being set upon by pupils.

Sheffield council paid £170,000 to one such teacher.


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East Sussex Council paid £214,000 to a teacher who contracted mesothelioma, from exposure to asbestos.

Similar claims in Tameside and Devon saw the councils make payouts of £178,000 each.

A Local Government Association spokesperson said: “It is important to get safety right, and where people have a legitimate claim for compensation, they should get the damages they are entitled to.”

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