Mother and son dance and chant as they burn down her ex's canal barge

Moment Scorned mother and son burn down her ex’s canal barge home and chante dance and chant ‘the roof is on fire!’ – as they are jailed for three years each

  • The shocking video was captured on the Bridgewater Canal, Cheshire, last year
  • Jackie Lloyd, 54, and son Adam Lloyd, 36 have been jailed for three years each

This is the shocking moment a mother and son chanted ‘the roof is on fire’ as they burned down her former lover’s canal barge home.

Jackie Lloyd, 54, and her son Adam Lloyd, 36, filmed themselves dancing and chanting as Peter Hill’s £45,000 barge went up in flames on the Bridgewater Canal, Cheshire, on September 7 last year.

The pair, who had been drinking heavily, recorded the bragging videos after breaking into the vessel when Mr Hill – who had been in a relationship with Jackie for 20 years – was away seeing friends. 

Jackie can also be heard saying ‘You dirty f***ing t***, s****ing behind my a***’ while Adam holds a lighter under a cushion and says ‘firebug, bro’.

But the Lloyds, of Frodsham, Cheshire, have since been jailed for 40 months each after admitting arson at Chester Crown Court.

Jackie Lloyd (left), 54, and her son Adam Lloyd (right), 36, filmed themselves dancing and chanting as Peter Hill’s barge went up in flames on the Bridgewater Canal, Cheshire, last year

The pair who had been drinking heavily recorded the bragging videos after breaking into the vessel when Mr Hill was away seeing friends

Another video shows the pair watching the flames engulf all of the interior of the barge as Jackie says, ‘999 hurry up’ and ‘Come on you f***ing d***head’ while at the end of the clip, Adam could be heard saying ‘Oh, we are in sh**.’

The fire at 7.40pm completely destroyed the boat, which was moored at an area known as Canal Reach in Runcorn. 

Mr Hill, who in his his 60s, said he lost all his possessions and was not insured for fire damage.

The attack occurred after the pair and Jackie’s former husband Mark had held a ‘family meeting’ about a forthcoming funeral of an uncle and suspected Mr Hill of having photos of him on board the vessel, the court heard.

They arrived at the barge shorty afterwards but Mark left as he ‘did not want to get involved.’

Prosecutor Peter Hussey said: ‘Mr Hill’s barge was effectively his home and he had spent some time and financial effort in renovating it. 

‘That day he left the barge moored to travel by car to Lancashire but en route he received a number of telephone calls from Jackie Lloyd.

‘He subsequently pulled over, answered the phone and describes that she was angry. 

‘She was nasty, appeared to be drunk and was asking about items of her property which she thought were on the barge and which she was wanted to gain access to.

‘He told her that those items were with him in the car and told her not to go to the barge.

Peter Hill (pictured), who in his his 60s, said he lost all his possessions and was not insured for fire damage

‘But her response to that was to say that she was going anyway and threatened to set fire to the barge if he did not surrender those items.

‘In the final call heard he could hear the sound of footsteps on metal which sounded exactly like the footsteps on the deck of the barge. She then ran off.

‘At the canal, witnesses heard items being smashed up in the barge. There were remonstrations by a passer-by and a fairly abusive response by Jackie Lloyd.

‘The witnesses then saw Jackie Lloyd coming out of internal part of the barge with a bag of items throwing some of them into the water. 

‘Inside the barge could be seen flames developing. It did not take long for both defendants to disembark and stand on the riverbank celebrating. 

‘The fire quickly took hold and began to engulf and ultimately completely destroy Mr Hill’s barge.

‘This of course, being his home and all his belongings inside. These celebrations were in fact recorded on Adam Lloyd’s phone. 

‘Another passer-by remonstrated with what they were doing whilst cycling by but Jackie Lloyd even made a threat to him, that she would set fire to his house.

‘Ultimately, both defendants then started to walk away and made their way along the footpath as fire officers converged on the scene.

‘Had there been anybody on board the barge none would have been able to rescue them.’

When the pair were later traced by police Jackie said: ‘This is my barge… I admit it, I set it on fire’ and claimed Mr Hill had been cheating on her. But she later said she only went on the deck and not inside the barge.

Adam initially said he would take the blame but then said he had accidentally started the fire by dropping a lit cigarette.

In a statement Mr Hill said he had been ‘moved from pillar to post’ since the fire as he had nowhere permanent to stay and no possibility of replacing his home. He suffered serious depression and left the area ‘to stay out of the way.’

In mitigation for father of one Adam, defence lawyer Peter Barnett said: ‘There had been an important family meeting on the date of the offence where discussions were made in relation to the death of Uncle Glyn.

‘The funeral was shortly to take place and they were looking for photos of Uncle Glyn.

‘It was determined that there were some on the boat and that was the reason to go to the boat to obtain the photos but things got well out of hand. 

‘He apologises to the victim and does not understand why he acted like he did at the behest of his mother.’

Mrs Lloyd’s counsel Jeremy Rawson said: ‘There was an element of it being an impromptu act. 

‘They had each urged other on through their conduct until it got more and more outrageous. 

‘Clearly the incitement and encouragement is there in massive amounts. She is a stranger to this sort of behaviour. ‘

But sentencing Judge Steven Everett told Mrs Lloyd: ‘You had been in a relationship with Peter Hill for 20 years. 

‘Whatever the reasons for your break-up does not matter but it is clear that you took it badly.

‘Normal decent people accept that sometimes these things happen and walk away but you exactly the opposite. 

‘As seen on the video clips there was a real air of gloating which was equally despicable. 

‘It would be bad enough if it was the sort of barge used for occasional holidays or weekends travelling up and down the canals of the country.

‘But this was Mr Hill’s home and each of you knew it and each of you knew he would be in serious difficulties if he lost his home. 

‘But you gave no thought to that, when Adam was setting fire to the cushion and you were almost dancing with delight. 

‘The pair of you watching outside as his home went up in smoke whilst dancing and rejoicing was a terrible act.

‘It was a nasty, mean and despicable act of revenge on a man who did not deserve it.’

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