MPs complain about small portions in Parliament

Shameless MPs file official complaints saying their portions of taxpayer-funded Parliament food are not large enough

  • Workers in the House of Commons are complaining about their subsidised food
  • Some MPs and staff have complained about the range of ‘spicy food’ available
  • Others suggested the range of ‘traditional food’ is insufficient for demand

MPs have complained to House of Commons authorities about the size of their portions of taxpayer-subsidised meals. 

Elected representatives and their office staff have written to authorities in charge of the Commons to complain about the catering available for people working in the historic building. 

According to The Sun, MPs on a basic salary of £82,000 can enjoy fresh fish for as little as £3.73 and a crumble dessert for 98p. 

MPs and staff have complained about the quality and size of portions available in the House of Commons over the past six months

Some people complained about spicy food and the lack of ‘traditional options’ 

Some of the complaints have referred to the lack of options, while others have raised the weakness of the coffee. 

The list of complaints between October 2021 and March 2022 involve a request to remove onions from one dish while issues of a shortage of poached eggs and English mustard. 

Other complainants have raised issues over ‘the number of spicy dishes’ and the lack of ‘traditional menu items’.  

A House of Commons spokesman told The Sun: ‘Where cleaning issues are identified, we act quickly to address them.

‘Our food and drink offering is regularly benchmarked against similar outlets and we continuously seek to reduce costs.’

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