Mykonos assault hangs over England's Harry Maguire as World Cup looms

Shadow of Mykonos police assault hangs over England’s Harry Maguire as World Cup looms

  • Harry Maguire was convicted for assaulting a police officer two years ago  
  • He was found guilty of assaulting six police officers on the Greek island in 2020 
  • The World Cup hopeful footballer’s appeal is not due to be heard until next year 
  • The police officers are still awaiting an apology from the Manchester United star 

He’s hoping for a World Cup call up by England before the tournament starts in just four weeks, but a shadow continues to hang over former captain Harry Maguire – his conviction for assaulting police two years ago.

His appeal is not due to be heard until next year and six officers who say they were attacked are still awaiting an apology from him, The Mail on Sunday can reveal.

The continuing fallout from the brawl in Mykonos in August 2020 comes as England manager Gareth Southgate weighs up whether to include Maguire in the squad for the tournament.

Footballer Harry Maguire seen leaving a court building on the island of Syros, Greece in August 2020

The £190,000-a-week Manchester United defender was found guilty of assaulting up to six officers and then attempting to bribe them inside a police station while on holiday with eight family members and friends. 

He received a suspended prison sentence of 21 months in 2020 but immediately launched an appeal, which will be heard on the neighbouring island of Syros on June 3 next year.

Under Greek law, Maguire, 29, will not have a criminal record unless the judgment is upheld. 

The footballer (pictured on his Mykonos holiday) was found guilty of assaulting the six police officers and attempting to bribe them. He was handed a 21 month suspended prison sentence 

Last night, Ioannis-Iakovos Paradissis, a lawyer acting for the officers, said: ‘Maguire must apologise for assaulting police officers who were doing their job. He must at least condemn violence in general. 

‘This is what my clients want. But neither he nor Manchester United have done this. I have confidence that we will win the case. Maguire’s people claim they have video recordings of the incident on their mobile phones, but I have yet to see it. No one has produced it.’

Maguire became the world’s most expensive defender when he was bought from Leicester City for £80 million. 

But his image was sullied by the events of August 21, 2020, when he was holidaying with a group including wife-to-be Fern Hawkins, 28, his sister, Daisy, 24, and his brother Joe, 26, at a £29,000-a-week villa in Mykonos. After spending the day drinking at a beach club, they went to Mykonos town centre to the exclusive Bonbonniere bar, reportedly spending thousands.

At midnight the bar closed, and Maguire’s group waited outside for a minibus to take them back.

They and the police dispute what happened next. According to transcripts of the court hearing days later, Maguire and his group were arguing with two other men when they were spotted by plainclothes police. Four officers tried to ‘calm things down’, police claim. The two men walked away, but Maguire’s group ‘started creating problems’.

Harry Maguire and his wife-to-be Fern Hawkins holidaying on the Greek Island of Mykonos in August 2020

Maguire is said to have become abusive, telling officers: ‘F*** the police, f*** you all.’

His brother Joe punched one of the policemen, the court heard. Police told the Greek driver of the minibus to take the group to the police station, as officers followed. But at the station, the brothers are said to have run off, only stopping when officers screamed at them.

Uniformed police went to arrest the Maguires, but according to the transcript, as they were being handcuffed, Maguire started shoving and abusing them. Inside the station, he is said to have shouted: ‘F*** Greece, f*** the police.’

The policemen claimed the star said: ‘I am rich, I am famous, and I have a lot of money. I am the chief [sic] of Manchester. I’ll give you all the money you want.’ Police said they believed he was offering a bribe, not an on-the-spot fine, as his lawyers say.

But the court also heard evidence from childhood friend Ashden Morley, who was with the group. He said the fight started after two ‘Albanian-looking’ men tried to inject Maguire’s sister Daisy with a substance. He said the group thought they were going to a hospital when the minibus stopped in a courtyard and several men tried to drag them out. Maguire and his brother ran as they believed they were being kidnapped, he added.

Last night, Mr Paradissis queried the claim that men had tried to inject Daisy, adding: ‘They did not mention it at the police station. Daisy never made a complaint.’

Maguire was found guilty of assaulting police, resisting arrest and trying to bribe them, and received a 21-month suspended sentence. His brother and a friend, Chris Sharman, each received a 13-month suspended sentence.

When told Maguire did not accept he had done anything wrong, Mr Paradissis said: ‘How arrogant is that? We have policemen who were beaten. He cannot deny that.’

Last night, Manchester United and Maguire’s spokesman referred the MoS to a statement the club issued in August 2020: ‘Harry Maguire pleaded not guilty to all of the charges and he continues to strongly assert his innocence.’

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