Peaceful black protesters arrested in South Carolina and Missouri

Two peaceful black protesters in South Carolina and Missouri were arrested during demonstrations against police brutality, videos show.

In Charleston County, South Carolina, a demonstrator, identified as Givionne Jordan Jr. by The Post and Courier, is seen kneeling amid a line of peaceful protesters while facing officers in SWAT gear on Sunday afternoon, video shows.

“All of you are my family, I love each and every one of you. I cry at night because I feel the pain. I feel the pain. I feel the pain of black people. I feel the pain of white people,” the man is heard shouting in the video as he breaks down into tears, his voice growing hoarse while the others present remain silent, some with their hands on his shoulder.

“I would love to meet your kid, I would love to meet your family, I would love to see the best side of everybody here. This is not the best side of everybody here,” he continued.

“Do you want to make a stand? Do you want to make a change? Because if we charge you, if you charge us, what is that really doing?”

Moments after Jordan finished that last sentence, an officer is seen walking over to him, yanking him up from his kneeling position by his arm and bringing him away from the protesters — where he was arrested on the ground, the two-minute long clip, which has been seen more than 20 million times, shows.

“What are you doing?” protesters shouted back angrily.

“Freedom of speech!”

Records for Jordan’s arrest show he was cuffed on disobeying lawful order charges and was released the following day on a $465 bond after spending the night in jail.

Charleston Police Chief Luther Reynolds defended the arrest to The Post and Courier, saying the protesters had been ordered to disperse multiple times.

“We said if you don’t you will be arrested,” Reynolds told the outlet, not providing a response on why Jordan was singled out, or if anyone else was arrested.

Jordan countered that he had been in the area to help clean up after a night of fires and lootings and had been assisting business owners board up their windows as they geared up for another evening of chaos.

“My plan was to get all the people beside me, kneeling behind me, kneeling with me,” Jordan told the outlet. “Showing the cops that we are no threat. We are no threat at all. We just want to make the world better.”

The second, recorded incident, posted on Twitter early Monday, took place in Kansas City, Missouri and showed a similar turn of events, according to the tweet and the video.

A black man, amid a line of protesters, is heard addressing a line of officers in SWAT gear, the minute long clip shows.

“If you ain’t got the balls to protect the streets and protect and serve like you was paid to do, turn in your damn badge. But prematurely shooting people? Prematurely using excessive force? Get your scary ass on somewhere,” the man is heard saying as a line of officers approach him, one holding a canister that appears to be mace, the video shows.

That officer reaches for the man and when the demonstrators start to scream in response, attempting to push the officer away, he sprayed the protesters.

The Kansas City Police Department did not immediately return a request for comment to The Post.

The protests are just minute glimpses into nationwide chaos ensuing across the country against police brutality following the police-involved death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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