Protester sets his own ARM on fire in bizarre demo at tennis court

Protester sets his own ARM on fire in bizarre demo against private jets at the O2 Arena tennis tournament where Roger Federer is preparing to play his last match

  • The protestor ran onto the tennis court at the Laver Cup and set his arm alight
  • Kai, 20, staged the protest to try and stop private jets being used in the UK
  • He warned climate change would lead to social collapse, torture, and war 
  • Tennis legend Roger Federer will play his last ever match on the court tonight  

A protestor has set himself on fire on a tennis court just before Roger Federer is due to play his last ever match at the 02 in a shocking incident. 

The climate activist set his right arm alight in the middle of the court to protest the use of private jets in the UK.

The 20 year-old protestor, named Kai, is a member of the End UK Private Jets group, which claims that ‘carbon emissions in 2022 are genocide.’

Tennis legend Roger Federer is due to play the final match of his legendary career at the Laver Cup in London on the court later today.

Yesterday, tennis icons Andy Murray, Rafa Nadal and Novak Djokovic all played on the same court with Federer in a doubles match at the tournament.

The climate activist ran onto the court at the 02 Arena in London and set his arm on fire 

The man, named Kai, seemed distressed but his arm did not seem to be harmed by the fire 

Security were finally able to drag the man away to allow the match between Tsitsipas and Diego Schwartzman to continue 

Federer and Nadal are set to play together in the Laver Cup doubles final tonight against Americans Jack Sock and Frances Tiafoe. 

The climate change activist interrupted the second set of a men’s singles match between Stefanos Tsitsipas and Schwartzman.

He lit himself on fire and grimaced as the flames licked his arm, but it did not appear to harm him. 

He rubbed his arm to put the flames out as he sat on the tennis court while security rushed over to grab him, eventually dragging him away.  

The man has appeared in several videos in the past explaining his hardline stance on climate activism. 

A video was posted on Twitter by End UK Private Jets immediately after the stunt of Kai explaining why he was going to set his arm on fire.

He said: ‘In a few hours time I’m going to go to the Laver Cup tennis tournament and set my arm on fire on the court.

‘People are gonna say stuff like ‘this is horrible’, people in the stadium are going to be disturbed, and anyone who hears about it is going to be really traumatised, especially if they’ve had experiences with things like self harm.

‘Feelings of anger about this… I think it’s right to feel anger about that because it’s unjust, people experiencing suffering.

‘Humanity should have a responsibility to stop that sort of s*** happening, no one deserves to experience suffering, especially not young and vulnerable people. 

‘If we truly believe that… the way we act like that’s true is by stopping the climate emergency as fast as possible.

‘Because right now we’re on a path where hundreds of millions of people are going through unimaginable suffering which is social collapse, torture, starvation, drought and war and s*** like that.’  

The man appeared in several videos in the past explaining his hardline stance on climate activism

Kai argued society ‘should be stopping the climate emergency as fast as possible’

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