Savile's older brother Johnny accused of rape and abuse of patients

How Jimmy Savile’s sexual depravity ran in the family: BBC DJ’s older brother Johnny was accused of trading off his sibling’s fame to rape to abuse hospital patients whose complaints were repeatedly ignored

  • Johnny Savile was a sexual predator in the same mould as his younger brother 

Paedophile presenter Jimmy Savile’s older brother Johnny was also a predatory sex offender who stalked a hospital for his victims.

The chilling echo of Savile’s own deranged crimes paints a disturbing picture of a family line in depraved attacks and assaults.

Johnny, five years his famous brother’s senior, only had his reign of terror brought to an end when he was sacked from his ‘entertainments officer’ job in 1980 over allegations.

But an investigation by South West London and St. George’s Mental Health NHS Trust in 2015 says he may have attacked as many as seven between 1978 and 1980.

While he worked at Tooting’s Springfield Hospital from 1974 he is thought to have targeted five patients, one visitor and a member of staff.

Johnny Savile used his association with his well-known brother Jimmy Savile to exploit others

Johnny, five years his famous brother’s senior, only had his reign of terror brought to an end when he was sacked

The sickening catalogue of abuse was only uncovered after Johnny’s 1998 death, meaning he too escaped justice for his crimes.

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It was sparked when one of his victims – an in-patient – wrote to the Met’s Operation Yewtree inquiry, the probe into historical sexual offences by celebrities and other figures.

In harrowing evidence it was said: ‘There wasn’t a lot of talk amongst patients about what Johnny Savile did because “they were all receiving the same treatment”.

‘She meant Johnny Savile would “expose himself” to patients. She stated that patients might just say “I’m going to see Johnny tonight; we’re going for a drink”.’

The report concluded: ‘She was accurately describing an incident of being touched in a sexual manner by Johnny Savile in the context of a culture that may have turned a blind eye to such behaviour and/or which made it difficult for patients to report violations or complaints.’

Horrifyingly another patient told how Johnny had raped her in his office at the hospital.

Her GP had even written to the hospital trust in 2006, but little appears to have been done. Significantly it was before Jimmy Savile’s true colours were revealed.

Savile on the right and his older brother Johnny on the left circled in a rare family picture

Johnny Savile, the brother of disgraced paedophile television presenter Jimmy Savile, in 1985

The patient told how she had first met Johnny when she was taken to the recreation hall to play badminton.

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He invited her then to come to his office ‘any time for a cup of tea’.

There he locked the door and forced her to perform a sex act on him.

She told how Johnny then ‘wrestled her down onto the couch and raped her’.

He was dismissed for gross misconduct of a sexual nature in 1980.

Unbelievably Johnny went on to work at Richmond Royal hospital after his sacking.

A former colleague recalled: ‘Everyone knew that Johnny Savile had been sacked from his previous job for an incident in which he was found to have been “touching a patient” inappropriately.

‘Johnny Savile was not liked by staff at Richmond Royal because of that incident and his reputation.

‘Johnny Savile was constantly letting people know he was Jimmy Savile’s brother.’

Jimmy Savile  seen on the ‘Calendar’ TV Programme over 50 years ago back on Feb 10, 1970

In fact the NHS investigation concluded that it was this association that allowed him to run unchecked for so long.

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It declared: ‘Interviewees refer to Johnny Savile using his association with his well-known brother Jimmy Savile to exploit others.

‘There is no documentary or other evidence of any supervision or oversight of Johnny Savile during his time at Springfield hospital.

‘There is a small amount of documentary evidence about Johnny Savile being engaged in local fund-raising activities but no relationship with his brother Jimmy Savile’s large scale fundraising.

‘The testimonial evidence and victim interviews describe a culture of widespread tolerance of Johnny Savile.

‘He used his “celebrity” status to engage in predatory and exploitative behaviour up until his dismissal.’

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