Sharon Stone makes surprise 'SNL' cameo during Sam Smith's 'Gloria' and as skit seductress

One could assume Sharon Stone followed her basic instincts when appearing on "Saturday Night Live" this weekend.

The Oscar-nominated actress joined the sketch comedy show's musical guest, Sam Smith, for their performance of "Gloria," in which Stone's acting was subtle. Stone, 64, laid down for part of the performance and then sat up and dramatically stared out into the distance.

She also appeared in a black and white detective sketch with the weekend's host, Aubrey Plaza. Plaza's character had an affinity for older guys.

"When I meet a man with cataract glasses and pants up to his chest, I go head over heels," Plaza told investigator Jack Raughley. She added: "I like the way their kisses taste like a cough, how they can't find their glasses …"

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Stone played Plaza's mother, who donned a form-fitting dress and fishnet stockings. She found Jack to be a "scrumptious little snack," and aimed to steal him from Plaza.

Unfortunately, Plaza and the detective tussled over a gun, which went off and killed Jack. So neither mother or daughter were lucky in love.

Stone previously hosted "SNL" in 1992, the year the thriller "Basic Instinct" hit theaters.

"I'm a little nervous," Stone said at the time, wearing a white minidress with a turtleneck in the style of Catherine Tramell.

"You know, I think I'd feel more comfortable if I could sit down," she said before taking a seat and lighting a cigarette, like in the movie's famous investigation scene.

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