Shocking moment Ecuadorian gang leader is buried with dozens of guns in coffin | The Sun

AN ECUADORIAN gang leader has been buried with dozens of guns in his coffin.

Julián Sevillano, nicknamed ‘El Fatal’ and alleged leader of the criminal gang ‘Los Fatales’, has been buried under a small mountain of machine guns and pistols gifted by his loyal mourners at his funeral.

One local commented: “He’s going to the other world well protected.”

Sevillano, 39, was shot dead at a car wash in Mocache, Ecuador alongside his daughter, 20, on the 13 September.

The gunmen were aware that Sevillano cleaned his vehicle at the car wash most days and it is believed that the killers targeted the gang leader to settle an old score.

In 2005, Sevillano was arrested and charged with murdering the then vice mayor of Mocache, Bolívar Cordero Candelariz, 57, and his son, Yogar Cordero Molina, 35.


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However, he was released just months later.

The investigation into Sevillano’s death is ongoing.

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