Shocking moment man puffs on glass 'crack cocaine' pipe on packed Tube

Tube smoker! Shocking moment man puffs on glass ‘crack cocaine’ pipe on packed London Underground train

  • The man was seen appearing to smoke on two Tube trains in the space of a week 

This is the jaw-dropping moment a man appears to smoke crack cocaine in a packed Tube in front of travellers and children.

Video of the shocking scene, which has been shared widely on social media, shows the man slouched in his seat lighting a glass pipe while holding a bag of white powder.

In the footage fellow passengers can be seen looking away from him as he appears to inhale smoke on a Victoria line train.

Since then a second video has also been shared online appearing to show the same man doing the same thing on a less crowded train on Saturday morning. 

British Transport Police has said it is investigating the first incident. MailOnline has contacted it and Transport for London (TfL) for comment regarding both videos.

Video shows the man appearing to inhale from a glass pipe while surrounded by passengers on the Tube

The first video, which was posted on TikTok on Thursday, sparked shock when it was shared to X (formerly known as Twitter) the same day.

The person who shared the video on X wrote: ‘Thought I had seen it all’.

One commenter wrote: ‘I know Londoners don’t like to make eye contact or talk to anyone whilst on the tube but when you’re breathing in second hand crack smoke, something should be said.’

Another wrote: ‘I think it’s time Londoners stop minding their own business. What do you mean you’re inhaling second hand crack?’ 

Conservative MP Neil O’Brien replied ‘so much needs to change’ on seeing the footage. 

In response to the post British Transport Police wrote: ‘We’re aware of this incident and officers are making enquiries. Anyone with information is asked to contact us by texting 61016 or calling 0800 405040, quoting ref 241 of 15/12/23.’

Since then another person has posted a video appearing to show the same man on a different train.

This newer footage appears to show the man filling a glass pipe on a Victoria line train on Saturday morning.

Posting it online and quoting the original video, the woman who took the latest footage wrote: ‘On my way to work this morning. 7am. He don’t rest.’

In the footage fellow travellers can be seen looking away from the man as he holds a glass pipe

A second video apearing to show the same man doing the same thing was shared a day later

Crack cocaine is a Class A drug, which means it’s illegal to have for yourself, give away or sell. 

People found in possession of it can be jailed for up to seven years and be given an unlimited fine, while those who supply it can be jailed for life as well as being fined.

The drug emerged in the Americas in the late 1970s as a relatively cheap and transportable form of cocaine that could be more easily distributed than the powdered variety.

Cocaine acts stimulant and produces a ‘high’ for the user, but crack is more potent than powdered version because of the immediacy, duration, and magnitude of its effect, as well as the typical frequency and amount used.

There are concerns over the long-term effects of cocaine in all its forms, and it has been associated with neurological and neuropsychiatric changes – including depression, anxiety and paranoia – as well as damage to the heart and lungs.

The risk of dependence among users of crack cocaine has also been estimated to be two to three times greater than among powder cocaine users.

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