Ted Cruz's Interview on 'The View' Interrupted by Climate Protesters

An interview with Ted Cruz went off the rails during Monday's episode of The View, as a group of protesters in the audience interrupted the conservative senator's remarks with loud chants about climate change.

Cruz was discussing the economy when the shouting began and, while their message was difficult to decipher on television, the show's co-hosts eventually responded and shut them down.

"Excuse me, ladies," shouted a visibly irritated Whoopi Goldberg. "Excuse us, let us do our job. We hear what you all have to say but you gotta go. You gotta let us do our job."

As the chanting continued, View co-host and former Trump staffer Alyssa Farah Griffin said, "We do cover climate here, guys." She then turned to Cruz and added, "They weren’t even protesting you."

Sunny Hostin echoed the sentiment, saying, "They're accusing us of not covering climate change, and we do that."

a climate protest?? just interrupted the view’s interview with Ted Cruz 🥴 pic.twitter.com/aa6n9bEPwF

— Déjà The View (@dejatheviewpod) October 24, 2022

Once Cruz's interview resumed, it was interrupted again by more shouts from the crowd. Audio from the broadcast went silent at that point, while Goldberg appeared to glare at the offenders. Following a commercial break, Ana Navarro issued an apology to Cruz.

"I've been very vocal and critical of you, but I'm sorry that this happened in our house," she offered.

Cruz was a guest on the program to discuss his new book, Corrupted Justice. ET has reached out to The View for comment on the incident.


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