Terrifying moment family are stalked by bear for a MILE along Canada hiking trail | The Sun

THIS is the terrifying moment a bear stalks a family of five for an entire mile along a hiking trail in Canada.

Brighton Peachey was on a hike in British Columbia alongside her husband Michael and their three children when they spotted a black bear following them.

The mom started filming and she can be heard telling her husband: “He’s following you, babe.”

Michael who had the baby strapped to his back can be seen waving his hands trying to scare the bear away.

Meanwhile, Peachey can be heard shouting: "Hey bear, go home!".

The couple's son can be heard asking: "Can we play dead yet? Can we play now?'" as his mom tells him to walk faster.


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Peachey who was with her husband and their three kids aged between one and six years old said the bear was blocking their way to the parking so they had to keep going.

But the bear does not appear to mind the family and continues to follow them for nearly 20 minutes.

She told KUTV: “It just wasn’t fazed by us and kept following us.

“I just kept thinking, ‘If this bear attacks, how am I going to cover my children and protect my children?’”

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Peachey said that although the animal continued to follow them, it never became aggressive.

She added: “I knew, yeah, that we just had to stay calm, and I had to, like, keep reminding my kids like, ‘Don’t run, don’t run, that will just spook the bear and make it worse,’

“You’re in their territory, and even if you do all the things you’re supposed to do, they might not care, they still might just want to keep coming the direction they’re going or still come after you, so just a really good reminder to be cautious when you’re out there."

The mom later shared an update on Instagram explaining how the family was eventually safe following the encounter.

She explained in the Part II clip, "We eventually ran into another group of hikers but even the big group didn't detour the bear so we all kept hiking down the train together.

"So I threw Watson in the trail magic so that we can move faster.

"Because we're not sure if the bear is still following us or not but it followed us on the trail for long ways and we were doing all the things that you're supposed to do.

"Pick up small children, yell, make a lot of noise, slowly move away from the bear but it just didn't care."

Peachy later added that authorities had to close that area a number of times following the bear's aggressive behavior.

"This was scarier than the time I was mock charged by a bear because I had my kids with me & felt helpless," she said.

"The bear was not intimidated by us at all, he just kept following us. "

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