'Top Gun: Maverick' Stars Jay Ellis and Glen Powell React to Miles Teller's Sex Symbol Status (Exclusive)

The new recruits of Top Gun: Maverick know that they have it going on! Jay Ellis and Glen Powell are well aware that their co-star, Miles Teller, has claimed the throne as TikTok’s latest sex symbol, with the viral clip of moviegoers playfully passing out in theaters after Teller’s character, Bradley “Rooster” Bradshaw, does a shirtless shimmy during the beach football scene, circulating the app.

“I was texting with Miles about five minutes before this and I just said he kicked off Pride Month in the best way anyone has every kicked off Pride Month,” Powell told ET’s Lauren Zima during Sunday’s MTV Movie & TV Awards.

“This is gonna be a Pride for the century,” Ellis added. “Like, this is gonna be one to remember all thanks to Miles Teller.”

“He’s really started a revolution. I’m really proud of him,” Powell quipped.

But when it comes to the actor’s signature move, his co-stars wouldn’t dare try it.

“That belongs to Miles,” Powell said.

“I can’t understand what it is to be honest with you. It’s a Miles Teller specialty,” Ellis added.

The cast of Top Gun Maverick  which also includes Tom Cruse reprising his role as Pete “Maverick” Mitchell, Jon Hamm and Monica Barbaro — has been riding the success of the film, which has topped the box office for two consecutive weeks.

“I mean, it’s crazy. This is what we hope for,” Ellis said. “When we were filming this, Tom kept saying we were trying to hit a bullet with a bullet, and we hit a bullet with a big ol’ bullet apparently.”

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He added, “This is amazing. I think for movie lovers, all of us who made this movie, we grew up loving movies. Obviously, we got into it for that reason and to see this come full circle and people enjoy this experience in theaters again and have a summer blockbuster, this is wild, this is crazy.”

And as for a Top Gun 3, Powell noted that Cruise and the cast are simply enjoying the sequel’s success before thinking about possibly taking to the skies yet again.

“I really think just enjoying this moment has been absolutely special, and has really been the most beautiful ride start to finish. It’s been incredible,” Powell said, adding, “If there is a Top Gun 3, we just have to figure out new cool things to do with F-18s.”


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