'UK's strictest pub' enrages public with eight 'oppressive' rules – including ban on kids, muddy shoes and iPhones | The Sun

THE 'UK's strictest pub' has shocked punters with eight rules including a ban on kids, muddy shoes and iPhones.

The Boot & Shoe Inn in Tockwith, Yorkshire, went viral on social media after unveiling its list of rules which have been stuck to the front window of the pub.

Since posting their rules on social media, some have argued the pub is turning away business.

The pub is owned by the Samuel Smith Brewery which is known for its zero tolerance on electronic devices being used at its pubs.

Eight notices in the Boot & Shoe Inn window clearly state the list of banned items with children, muddy boots, dogs, swearing, phones, iPads and laptops all prohibited.

And some feel the ban on children – which is only in place temporarily – is archaic and one rule too far, reports. YorkshireLive. 

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One of the requests that has left pub-goers particularly frustrated is the banning of electronic items such as mobile phones and iPads.

The notice says receiving and sending texts, taking photos, emailing and playing on games or apps, as well as the use of social media platforms are included within the ban.

However, this is not specific to the boozer as it has been standard practice in Samuel Smith pubs for years.

The notice in the window reads: "For the time being children will only be allowed in the beer gardens. They must stay at your table and not running around.

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"They cannot come inside the pub and must be accompanied by an adult when they go to the toilet. All children have to be off the premises by 8pm. We are very sorry for the inconvenience caused."

Customers have accused the brewery of "trying to put themselves out of business".

One person said: "Fella behind the bar was perfectly friendly but you'd cross the road to Spotted Ox wouldn't you?

"Saw child ban at another one in Rochdale last week and thought it specific to that place but seems not…"

Another said that the muddy boots rule was confusing: "Unless they're clean," What? I'm unsure if I'm more offended by the wrong word being used, a random comma at the end of the sentence, the fact they want people's feet on display or the fact they evidently don't want any custom."

"The website says they are a family friendly pub! It would appear that unless you have children it is family friendly," wrote a third.

A spokesman from Boot & Shoe Inn said: "It's a brewery decision to ban them."

It comes after one of Britain's strictest pubs reopened with anyone who swears banned.

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Meanwhile, a boozer in Edinburgh has a list of bizarre rules with one punter even claiming he got kicked out "for not being local".

And the Royal Oak in Wales also sees mobile phones banned, TVs nowhere to be seen and any form of tech forbidden.

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