We were horrified by £8 SAUSAGE and one-beer rule at ‘rip off’ Christmas market…we found a way to beat policy | The Sun

VISITORS of a "rip off" Christmas market have been left horrified by a £8 sausage and a one-beer rule – but have found a way to beat the policy.

Locals slammed the festive fair in Birmingham for its expensive prices and alcohol crackdown.

Hundreds of Brummies flocked to enjoy the festive stalls at the Frankfurt Christmas Market located in Victoria Square.

People visiting the fair can snap up delicious traditional German food and drinks.

But, with the cost of living biting, many were left shocked by the prices of some of the items.

A couple, who splashed £8 on a 20-inch Bratwurst sausage, said it was so pricey they could only buy one to share.



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Mum-of-one Roxana said: “It’s very expensive but I’ve just had a baby and I deserve a treat.”

Her husband added he couldn't afford to buy two as “she needs it” more than him.

Other locals complained about the cost of the beer – including a double pint selling for £12.50.

David Renwick said: “Seventy quid for four beers is a lot. With the cost of living crisis, and all the doom and gloom, you need some cheer and beer – and more than one!”

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Despite the staggering prices, punters said the booze is still worth it.

Marcos Jhona, who paid £6.50 for a pint said: “It’s expensive and a lot more than I'm used to paying back home but it’s a good beer."

However, punters looking forward to knocking back steins of weissbier have been given a warning.

Market signs on bars and stalls are announcing they only serve "one drink per person".

Organisers say the rule is intended to stop minors from getting drinks.

But disappointed boozers are criticising the policy.

Marcos said: “They should give people more freedom about what they can and cannot buy, and not restrict them to one drink only.”

But the cheeky punter said he has found a way to beat the rule and have as many beers as he wants.

Marcos explained: “There are a number of licensed stalls within the market and you have to be smart like me and go from to the next!

“If you’re with a group of mates one person can buy drinks for all but it you’re on your own it’s one only, and no going back.

“So you wander down to the next stall while sipping your beer, and get the next one in.”

Despite the crackdown, Christmas enthusiasts said it doesn't stop them from enjoying the stalls.

Nurse Marianne England said: “The one drink rule is there for a purpose so people don’t abuse alcohol, and it seems fair."

“Just having one drink before I'm back in work tomorrow morning is a bonus, and the whole food, drink and market stall experience is amazing.

"It’s a perfect way to spend a day off duty."

Birmingham Council said the policy was implemented to make sure minors can't get alcoholic drinks via other people.

A spokesperson said: "One drink per person works in a very simple way. Staff quite simply need to be able to see who the drinks are going to.

"Challenge 25 is run in bars and clubs all over England. This is absolutely standard practice in the hospitality industry.

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"The rule is that if someone looks under 25 then they will be asked for proof that they are over 18."

The free-to-enter event is opened from November 2 to Christmas Eve.

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