We’re in a throuple and we just welcomed our first baby – he has two mums, a dad and THREE surnames in legal first | The Sun

A THROUPLE has just welcomed their first baby who has two mums, a dad and for the first time ever a whopping three different surnames.

Baby Yan has taken all three last names of his parents Keterlin Kaefer, Leticia Ordovas and Denis Ordovas in Brazil in a historic first after getting legal permission from the courts.

Proud dad Denis, 45, told local media: "He came the way we had always dreamed he would.

"Very healthy, with lots of people waiting for him.

"We will continue to follow our ideal: Our family, united with lots of love, with lots of affection and very happy."

He was born on October 10, and came in at 19.2in and weighed just 6.24lbs according to Leticia.



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Keterlin gave birth to the boy as her husband Denis watched on with Leticia.

The birth mother said: “In a world where so many people have no father or mother, a child who has the opportunity to have two mothers and a single father can be a happy and blessed child.”

Denis and Leticia have been married since 2006 and work at a local bank.

They fell in love in a mutual relationship seven years later with Keterlin and now the throuple say their life is complete after they welcomed their son Yan into the world.

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The trio have become famous in Brazil for their three-way relationship after history was made when the Brazilian government officially recognised the throuple for the first time after a decade together.

The Family and Succession Court of Novo Hamburgo, in Porto Alegre, agreed to recognise their "polyaffective" relationship and since then they’ve added a fourth to their family.

Denis said: “Although the legal system in Brazil does not recognise marriage between three people and multi-parent registration, we managed to show the court that this is a unique relationship between the three of us, which has lasted 10 years.

“The judge then decided to register our stable polyamorous union, and that the names of the father and both mothers can appear on Yan's birth certificate.”

This leaves all three parents on a level playing field as Leticia doesn't lose any legal rights or responsibilities just because she wasn’t the one who fell pregnant.

Both the women are allowed a six month maternity leave and Denis was granted 20 days of paternity leave if he wishes to take it.

The throuple have made it clear that their relationship is just like any other.

Denis said they still argue like a traditional pair of lovers and do ordinary things like cooking, cleaning and going to work daily.

Another throuple from the US recently got married and say they have an “open door” policy when it comes to sex.

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