Woman dumps pet dog inside garbage container in Argentina

Sickening moment woman dumps pet dog inside garbage container in Argentina – abandoned pup was later adopted by cop who rescued her

  • Cops in Buenos Aires, Argentina, rescued a dog after she was abandoned inside a dumpster Sunday
  • A video shows the owner, Maribel Llauca, walking with her pet and stopping near the garbage container before tossing the dog in it and walking away
  • The pooch is about two years old was removed from the bin Monday afternoon, and was adopted by a police officer, who happens to have two cats at his home 

Sickening surveillance video captured the moment a woman dumped her pet dog in a garbage container in Argentina,

The suspect, identified by a Buenos Aires neighborhood watch group as Maribel Llauca, was walking with her dog Sunday night when they stopped near the dumpster.

The pooch could be seen running back to play with Llauca when she suddenly lifted her pet and tossed her inside the container before she reached for a shopping cart and walked away.

Buenos Aires cops responding to a 911 call rescued the dog on Monday afternoon.

Maribel Llauca is captured on camera holding her pet dog moments before she dumped it inside a garbage container in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on Sunday. The dog, who is about two years old, was rescued by cops Monday afternoon and adopted by a police officer

Officers Darío Sandez (left) and Santiago Quiroga (right) pose with the dog after they rescued her Monday afternoon, a day after her owner abandoned her in a dumpster

According to Buenos Aires cop Santiago Quiroga, the dog is ‘very sweet’ and ‘very playful’

Authorities said that the dog’s life was narrowly spared because the sanitation department had cleared out the container hours before she was dumped inside. 

Officer Santiago Quiroga was filmed hopping into the dumpster and placing a leash around the abandoned dog. 

He tried to get her to take a step forward before he placed a towel around her and handed her over to a man. 

‘When I saw inside the container you could notice that she was very scared,’ Quiroga told C5N television. 

‘She is a very sweet dog, very playful. The truth is there is no word for what the woman did. Well the judicial system will determine that.’

Llauca was taken into custody and is now facing animal cruelty charges.

Maribel Llauca is facing animal cruelty charges after she dumped her pet dog inside a dumpster in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on Sunday evening

Police officer César Fracueli poses with Ellie after adopting her. He says his new pet, an addition to the two cats he already has at his home, is ‘very good, very calm’

The dog, which is about two years old, was taken to a local veterinarian and adopted by officer César Fracueli, who already had two pet cats at home.

He has since renamed her Ellie. 

‘I had been looking for a dog for a long time, so my colleagues asked me and I said yes, I would take her with me,’ Fracueli told C5N. ‘She is very good, very calm.’

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