Woman 'won Miss Hitler beauty competition in bid to attract new members to Neo-Nazi group National Action'

A NEO-Nazi terror suspect entered a "Miss Hitler" beauty contest in a bid to attract new members to a far-right extremist group, a court heard.

Alice Cutter, 22, is believed to have won the competition organised by National Action after taking on the nickname Buchenwald Princess in a nod to a Nazi death camp.

Cutter is standing trial at Birmingham Crown Court with her partner Mark Jones, who is accused of posing for a photograph while giving a Nazi salute in Buchenwald's execution room.

Jones, 24, and Cutter, both from Mulhalls Mill, Sowerby Bridge, near Halifax, deny being members of National Action between December 2016 and September 2017.

Prosecutor Barnaby Jameson QC said Jones visited Buchenwald in Germany in 2016.

The jury were shown a picture featuring two men standing in the camp's execution room holding a National Action flag.

Mr Jameson said: "Buchenwald was a Nazi concentration camp that stood out, even by the standards of Nazi concentration camps, for its depravity.

"Like Auschwitz, Buchenwald is a permanent museum to honour the victims and remind the world of the horrors perpetrated in the name of Nazism."

This was, no doubt, a publicity stunt to raise the group's profile and attract more members."One of those who entered and, I think, in fact, won the competition, was Alice Cutter.

He said Cutter entered the National Action-organised beauty contest in June 2016 – days after the Labour MP Jo Cox was murdered by Nazi-obsessed murderer Thomas Mair.

It is understood on 24 June 2016, National Action launched a beauty contest titled Miss Hitler 2016.


Mr Jameson said: "This was, no doubt, a publicity stunt to raise the group's profile and attract more members.

"One of those who entered and, I think, in fact, won the competition, was Alice Cutter.

"She entered the competition as Buchenwald Princess and she set out her mission statement in a detailed interview.

"The beauty contest was anything but funny. The name Buchenwald Princess was, perhaps, you may think, no coincidence given that Jones had visited the execution room at Buchenwald the previous month."

Mr Jameson said the defendants were seeking to spread terror from "an ideology so warped, so extreme and so twisted, its continued existence will be shocking to many of you, if not all".

He added: "It is the terror of pathological racial prejudice.

"This case is about a fellowship of hate. A hate so fanatical and a fellowship so defiant that the accused would sooner break the law than break their bonds of hate."


The jury was shown a picture alleged to show Cutter wearing a National Action mask, which was posted online.

Garry Jack and Connor Scothern are also accused of being apart of the organisation.

The court alleges all four defendants flouted a ban classing National Action as a terrorist group which came into force on December 16, 2016.


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Horrific photos show hair transplants gone wrong – as docs warn Brits against black-market ops abroad

WAYNE Rooney, Joe Swash and Gordon Ramsay have all had their's done.

But trying to save cash on a hair transplant could leave you disfigured and even scarred for life, experts are warning.

People travelling abroad for hair transplants may end up having the procedure done by taxi drivers "with no training" as the promise of lower prices are leading people to fork out for botch jobs.

The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) has been sharing grim photos of what happens when transplants go wrong.

Unqualified taxi cab drivers and Syrian refugees are doing ops

Their experts warned that illegal "black market pirate clinics" are putting people at serious risk.

Most of their members (77.5 per cent of surgeons) have treated at least six patients who have suffered a botched hair op in the last year – and that number is climbing drastically.

ISHRS has launched an awareness campaign to help people identify fraudulent hair loss clinics and fake advertising claims.

“Many of the illegal clinics have sophisticated websites ranking high with Google paid ads to attract the consumer into a clinic that appears on the surface very professional," warned Dr Ricardo Mejia, of the ISHRS.

"The marketing tactics are deceptive as it appears like a team of professional doctors with excellent testimonials.

"However, the reality is your surgery may be done by someone with no medical training.

"The demand is so high, reports are that taxi cab drivers and Syrian refugees do the surgery in some overseas countries."

Patients end up scarred and disfigured

Dr Mejia said it is patients who suffer – ending up scarred and disfigured.

Not only do they not get the full head of hair that they paid for, but Dr Mejia said that they're often left with bald patches from a depleted donor area.

So, the ISHRS is pleading with people to do their homework before they book any procedures abroad.

It warns to make sure that you know the doctor who'll be doing your surgery and to have someone watching the procedure in the room to make sure that a qualified doctor is actually carrying it out – not an assistant.

Dr Tykocinski, president of the ISHRS, said: “We hope patients will use the new ISHRS resources to educate themselves about the risks of undergoing a hair restoration procedure on the black market and to make sure they understand the local laws and regulations when considering a hair transplant in another country.

"If it is not allowed, think twice.

"If you care about your results, you may have to pay a little bit more for a doctor and qualified trained team than the taxi cab driver."

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Lion Air Boeing 737 Max 8 was reportedly saved by off-duty pilot day before deadly crash in Indonesia

Ethiopian official reports ‘clear similarity’ between deadly Boeing jet crashes

The flight control system on the Boeing 737 Max 8 is being eyed in Ethiopia crash investigation; Doug McKelway reports on the details.

The day before a brand new Lion Air jet crashed into the sea shortly after taking off from Indonesia's capital city last fall – likely due to an equipment malfunction – an off-duty pilot reportedly helped save the aircraft when it began to dive.

The extra pilot was on the flight from Bali to Jakarta and was seated in the cockpit jumpseat when the crew of the Boeing 737 Max 8 struggled for control of the aircraft, Bloomberg reported on Tuesday.

During the flight, the jet displayed unusual variations in altitude and airspeed in its first several minutes, Reuters previously reported. Some of those variations included an 875-foot drop over 27 seconds when the plane would typically be ascending, before stabilizing and flying on to Jakarta.

As the jetliner was in a dive, the extra pilot figured out what was wrong and told the crew how to disable a malfunctioning flight-control system to save the aircraft, two people familiar with Indonesia's investigation told Bloomberg.


The crew was told to cut power to the motor causing the plane's nose to dive down, which is part of a checklist that all pilots are required to memorize, according to Bloomberg.

Boeing 737 Max jets are grounded at Sky Harbor International Airport, Thursday, March 14, 2019 in Phoenix.
(AP Photo/Matt York)

Hours later with a different crew on board, the same aircraft crashed into the Java Sea after takeoff, killing all 189 aboard.

Officials investigating the Lion Air crash previously said they were looking into the plane’s anti-stall system, which was engaged and repeatedly pushing down the aircraft’s nose prior to it crashing into the sea. The Indonesia safety committee report also said the plane had had multiple failures on previous flights and hadn’t been properly repaired.

“All the data and information that we have on the flight and the aircraft have been submitted to the Indonesian NTSC. We can’t provide additional comment at this stage due to the ongoing investigation on the accident,” Lion Air spokesman Danang Prihantoro told Bloomberg.

Federal prosecutors investigating development of Boeing 737 Max 8 after deadly crashes

A grand jury subpoena has reportedly been issued to someone involved in the jet’s development; Doug McKelway reports from Washington.

The new information comes as investigators are trying to piece together what caused Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 to crash earlier this month just minutes after takeoff, killing all 157 people, including eight Americans, aboard.

The French civil aviation investigation bureau, BEA, said Monday that black box data from the Ethiopian Airlines flight showed "clear similarities" to the Lion Air crash. Ethiopian authorities asked BEA for help in extracting and interpreting the crashed plane's black boxes because Ethiopia does not have the necessary expertise and technology.


The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration previously said satellite-based tracking data showed that the movements of the Ethiopian Airlines flight were similar to those of the Lion Air plane. In both incidents, the planes flew with erratic altitude changes that could indicate the pilots struggled to control the aircraft. Shortly after their takeoffs, both crews tried to return to the airports but crashed.

The Federal Aviation Administration last Wednesday announced Boeing 737 Max 8 and 737 Max 9 models were being temporarily grounded in the U.S. "as a result of the data gathering process and new evidence collected at the [Ethiopia crash] site and analyzed."

U.S. prosecutors are looking into the development of Boeing’s 737 Max jets, a person briefed on the matter revealed Monday, the same day French aviation investigators concluded there were "clear similarities" in the crash of an Ethiopian Airlines Max 8 last week and a Lion Air jet in October.
(AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)

The U.S. joined several other countries in grounding the aircraft following the deadly crash.

On Monday, the Associated Press reported that prosecutors are looking into the development of Boeing's 737 Max jets, including how the company was regulated by the Federal Aviation Administration.

A federal grand jury in Washington sent a subpoena to someone involved in the plane's development seeking emails, messages and other communications, the person briefed on the matter told the AP.


Spokesmen for the Justice Department and the inspector general said Monday they could neither confirm nor deny the existence of any inquiries, while the FAA would not comment.

"Boeing does not respond to or comment on questions concerning legal matters, whether internal, litigation or governmental inquiries," Boeing spokesman Charles Bickers told the AP in an email.

Is the Boeing Max series too sophisticated for some airlines?

After two crashes of Boeing Max jets, aviation analyst Mike Boyd says we can’t rule out the fact that not everyone may be qualified to fly or service the planes.

The company late Monday issued an open letter from its CEO, Dennis Muilenburg, addressed to airlines, passengers and the aviation community.

Muilenburg did not refer to the reports of the Justice Department probe, but stressed Boeing is taking actions to ensure its 737 Max jets are safe, including a software update and offer related pilot training for the 737 Max to "address concerns" that arose in the aftermath of October's Lion Air crash. The planes' new flight-control software — which automatically pushes the plane's nose down when a single sensor detects the nose is pointed too high, indicating the possibility the aircraft could stall – is suspected of playing a role in the crashes.

Fox News' Katherine Lam and The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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Delaying Brexit is ‘betraying the British people’ Theresa May is told

Delaying Brexit is ‘betraying the British people’ Theresa May is told by TORY backbench Brexiteer who warns her that ‘history will judge you at this moment’

  • Wellingborough MP Peter Bone made the remark at PMQs today in the Commons
  • The arch Brexiteer has long opposed and voted against PM’s Brexit plans
  • Remark came after Mrs May said she wanted to delay Brexit until June 
  • e-mail



Theresa May was accused of ‘betraying the British people’ by seeking a delay to Brexit by one of her own senior backbenchers today.

Hardcore Tory Brexiteer Peter Bone warned his party leader that ‘history will judge you at this moment’ in a pointed exchange during Prime Minister’s Questions in the House of Commons.

The 66-year-old Wellingborough MP’s intervention came minutes after Mrs May had confirmed she was asking the EU to delay Brexit until the end of June in order to get a Brexit deal past MPs.

She also gave a strong indication that she could quit if the UK has not left the bloc after that three-month extension. 

He said: ‘If you continue to apply for an extension to Article 50 you will be betraying the British people. If you don’t, you will be honouring their instruction.

‘Prime Minister, it is entirely down to you. History will judge you at this moment. Prime Minister, which is it to be?’

  • Brexit in three months or I could QUIT: May tells MPs she… EU should REFUSE Theresa May’s request to delay Brexit until…

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Mrs May had earlier told the Commons she had written to the European Council president Donald Tusk to ask for a Brexit delay until June 30

He also claimed that Mrs May had committed to a March 29 Brexit 108 times in the House of Commons while Prime Minister. 

There were shouts of ‘give over’ and this is not helpful at all’  from some of the MPs sat around him as he spoke.

Mrs May replied: ‘I am saying that I think we should look again at being able to leave with a negotiated deal but in order to do that we need time for this Parliament to ratify a deal, and in order to do that we need an extension until June 30.’

The Prime Minister also revealed today that she will bring back her ailing deal for a third time ‘as soon as possible’ in a letter to European Council President Donald Tusk which also suggested she will try to introduce new reassurances on the Irish border backstop to win over Brexiteers and the DUP.

Mrs May told the Commons today that Britain is ‘fed up’ of waiting to quit the EU and said it would be ‘quite wrong’ if the public is asked to vote in the June European election three years after they voted to leave the bloc.

Peter Bone regularly rises to question the Prime Minister at PMQs. The Wellingborough MP is a long term and devout Tory Brexiteer

Hinting any further delay would lead to her resignation she twice told the Commons: ‘As Prime Minister I am not prepared to delay Brexit any further than June 30’ and afterwards her spokesman refused four times to rule out she might quit.

And in a plea to MPs who have voted her deal down twice already she said: ‘This House spending endless hours contemplating its navel on Europe. This House has indulged itself on Europe for too long. The British people deserve better’.

Mrs May last night abandoned her plan to ask the EU for a nine-month Brexit delay or longer after furious Brexiteer cabinet ministers threatened to quit and told her the Tory party would only accept a wait until June.

This morning she spoke to Mr Juncker who reportedly told her that the EU would only consider a short extension until on May 22 to avoid Britain having to take part in European elections – or the delay will have to be up to two years.

The PM has now published the letter sent to Donald Tusk today, which says Britain needs a delay until June 30 to pass and legislate for her deal – and it also blasts Commons Speaker John Bercow for making it ‘impossible’ to hold a third meaningful vote on her deal before the summit.

She appealed for the EU Council – which includes the leaders of all EU states – to formally adopt the three extra documents agreed with Mr Juncker last week to pass Mr Bercow’s ruling on a new vote being on a ‘substantially different’ purpose.

Mrs May’s letter said: ‘If the motion is passed, I am confident that Parliament will proceed to ratify the deal constructively. But this will clearly not be completed before March 29, 2019.’

Admitting the timetable was ‘uncertain’ she said: ‘I am therefore writing to inform the European Council that the UK is seeking an extension to the Article 50 until June 30 2019.’


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Shocking moment armed robber shot dead by cops as he tries to steal car just feet from officers outside Las Vegas’ Bellagio hotel

DRAMATIC video shows a bungling armed robber being shot dead by four cops outside a Las Vegas casino after he tried to hijack a car right in front of them.

The crook opened fire on the officers – hitting one in his bullet-proof vest – before being gunned down himself and fatally wounded at the Bellagio Hotel.

The shootout was captured on the officers' body-worn cameras and CCTV in the valet parking zone on March 15.

Footage shows the robber on the phone as he strides out of the hotel with a bag in his hand after demanding cash and chips from a poker cage in the hotel's casino.

He gets into a white saloon but apparently does not have the key, then aims his gun at the female driver of a dark saloon in a bid to make his getaway.

She refuses to open the door and inched forward to stop him getting in.

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police officers wearing bright yellow shirts are standing just feet away with their bikes and race into action with weapons drawn.

The robber was hit in the head died later in hospital. He was identified as Michael Cohen, 49.

It was the second time he'd robbed the hotel's casino after an earlier raid in November 2017 witnessed by the Hollywood actor James Woods.

Police released the footage in line with their policy on fatal shootings.

Photos also shows the bullet holes in one officer's shirt and the armoured vest that saved his life.

Assistant Sheriff Charles Hank said: “This could have been very tragic for our officers, as well as citizens within our community, or that lady who was in that car.

“Imagine had someone been in the other car, it could have been an unfortunate event.”

Police said Cohen was a convicted felon with a long criminal history including bank robberies, kidnapping and possessing stolen property.

They believe he was also behind the 2017 heist as the suspect wore the same disguise.

Once Upon A Time In America star Woods tweeted after that raid: "So we are playing poker at the @BellagioPoker and a guy walks up with a gun and robs the cage thirty feet from us ten minutes ago."

The Bellagio was one of the casinos targeted by George Clooney and Bradd Pitt's characters in heist caper Oceans Eleven.

So we are playing poker at the @BellagioPoker and a guy walks up with a gun and robs the cage thirty feet from us ten minutes ago.

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Knifeman, 28, shot by armed police after he stabbed cop at flat in Hackney as UK's knife crime epidemic rages on

A MAN has been shot by police officers in London after he stabbed a cop in East London.

Officers raced to a flat in Hackney after reports of a man armed with knives making threats to kill in a domestic disturbance.

Armed cops shot the attacker after he slashed one of the officers.

The Metropolitan Police said: “[The man] has been conveyed to an east London hospital; we await an assessment of his condition.

“The officer’s injury is not believed to be life-threatening. There are no other reported injuries.

“The Met’s Directorate of Professional Standards has been informed.”


It comes as Britain battles a knife crisis with 42 people stabbed to death across the country so far this year – including 12 in just two weeks.

Last week a 19-year-old boy was seriously injured after being stabbed in the chest outside a DLR station in Lewisham, South East London.

Jodie Chesney and Yousef Makki, both 17, were stabbed to death in a devastating weekend of violence earlier this month.

Meanwhile, Scotland Yard chiefs have unveiled plans to tackle the knife epidemic by stop-and-searching 1,000 suspects every day.

It comes as the UK murder rate soars to the highest number for a decade.

Knife crime has also increased by eight per cent as violence spirals out of control across the country.

Philip Hammond today announced a £100 million funding package to tackle Britain's knife crime epidemic.

The cash will go towards violent crime units in the seven worst affected UK cities.

It is a major victory for Home Secretary Sajid Javid, who demanded the cash after the surge in knife killings this year.

The money will also help pay for police officers overtime as they struggle to combat spiralling knife crime.

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Woman calls Asian woman a 'foreign b******' for sitting in her seat in vile train rant

A WOMAN has been filmed directing a racist rant at an Asian woman on a train in front of passengers on their way home from an anti-racism march.

In the footage the Asian woman can be heard saying “you were not polite” as the pair argue over a seat which prompts the woman mocks her accent.

“I was polite then you were foreign bastard, Get out of my way!,” she can be heard saying.

As other passengers confront the woman over her behaviour she insists “I’m not racist at all!” adding “why does she think she can sit in my seat?”.

Those on board said they intervened after the woman aggressively complained that someone had sat in her seat, Metro reported.

The woman in the footage reportedly called the Asian woman a “foreign b*****8” repeatedly and told her “f*** off”.

The incident reportedly place on the 8.25pm train from London Euston to Birmingham New Street on Saturday and many on board were returning from a UN Anti-Racism Day rally in the capital.

Witnesses said the Asian passenger eventually gave up her seat but the confrontation continued.

“I was utterly disgusted by the behaviour of this racist train passenger, and the racially abusive things she said to other passengers,” said the person who filmed the incident.

“As some form of bizarre defence, she even claimed she was ‘foreign’ herself, which her friend later confirmed as untrue.

“Regardless, her behaviour was abhorrent and her views wholly inappropriate, more so as it was international anti-racism day, and only a day after a racist terrorist massacre in New Zealand where similar views led to the murder of 50 innocent Muslims.”

Passengers who saw the incident claim the white woman said: “If she gets off at Coventry, I’ll kill her.”

She and other people travelling with her reportedly eventually got off the train at Coventry station.

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Boris Johnson turns down Theresa May’s Brexit deal in last-ditch talks

Prime Minister calls Brexiteer Boris Johnson in for last-ditch talk on her EU exit deal – but the former foreign secretary turns Theresa May down

  • Former foreign secretary met the prime minister at Downing Street yesterday 
  • Theresa May warned Boris Johnson Brexit is at risk without voting for her deal 
  • Mr Johnson said he would not back down unless the Irish backstop is changed
  • e-mail



Boris Johnson yesterday told Theresa May he will still not vote for her deal despite her warning him Brexit is at risk.

The Prime Minister called her former foreign secretary into Downing Street for last-ditch talks urging him to get behind her plan.

In a face-to-face meeting of around 40 minutes, Mrs May warned that failure to back her deal would result in a delayed departure from the EU.

Boris Johnson told Theresa May he would not back down and support her Brexit deal unless she successfully renegotiated the Irish backstop

She also expressed concerns that MPs could seize control of the process, meaning Brexit could be watered down or might not happen at all.

But Mr Johnson told her he would not back down unless she successfully renegotiated the Irish backstop.

‘His position remains the same,’ said a friend. ‘Unless there is some sort of movement on the backstop, he will not vote for the deal.’

In the meeting, Mrs May (pictured arriving at church in Sonning, Berkshire, on Sunday) warned that if Mr Johnson did not back her deal it would result in a delayed departure from the EU

  • ‘This used to be a Cabinet that would deliver Brexit… now… Britain is facing up to TWENTY months of Brexit delays amid…

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The source declined to comment on whether the pair discussed in their meeting the suggestion of some Brexiteers that Mrs May should set out a timetable for her own departure in return for Tory MPs passing her deal.

Critics of Mr Johnson have accused him of posturing ahead of a future Tory leadership contest. But his supporters argue he has been consistent in his opposition to Mrs May’s plan.

In a newspaper column earlier this week, Mr Johnson argued it was not possible for ‘anybody who believes in Brexit’ to vote for the withdrawal agreement.

He told how he had sought advice from his local constituency association on whether to ‘stick to my guns or fold’.

Mr Johnson (pictured leaving the Cabinet Office today) was hauled in for the 40-minute meeting with Mrs May today

He wrote: ‘I could continue to oppose a deal that I believe is detrimental to the interests of this country, in the sense that we risk becoming a kind of economic colony of Brussels.

‘Or else I could compromise, and vote it through, on the grounds that there was now a real risk that Brexit would not happen at all – and in the hope that the many defects in the deal could be fixed later.

‘My constituents were strongly of the view that I should not compromise. They assured me that they would support whatever decision I took – but they believed I should continue to vote against the deal.’

Mr Johnson argued that Mrs May’s agreement would leave the UK ‘in a position of almost unbearable weakness’ for subsequent talks on trade.

‘Unless we have some change – and at present, in the immortal phrase, nothing has changed – it is hard to ask anyone who believes in Brexit to change their mind,’ he said. ‘There is an EU summit this week. It is not too late to get real change to the backstop. It would be absurd to hold the vote before that has even been attempted.’

Since quitting as foreign secretary last July, Mr Johnson has repeatedly used newspaper columns to attack Mrs May’s Brexit strategy.

In his most controversial intervention, he claimed in September that her plans had strapped a ‘suicide vest’ around the UK constitution and handed the detonator to Brussels.

Mrs May needs 75 MPs who voted against her Brexit deal last week, when she lost by a majority of 149, to switch sides if it is to pass. She is hoping to win over the DUP’s ten MPs.

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Toddler who died sustained 'broken ribs, skull fractures and lacerated liver in days before death'

A TODDLER suffered repeated rib and skull fractures as well as a lacerated liver in the days before her murder, a court was told.

Eve Leatherland died in October 2017 and the 22-month-old’s mother Abigail Leatherland, 26, and her partner Thomas Curd, 31, are on trial at Truro Crown Court accused of her murder.

The prosecution alleges that by the time the pair called 999 Eve had been dead for hours while they were “wrapped up in their own superficial world of video games, TV, texts, selfies and Facebook”.

Medical expert Professor David Mangham told the court Eve sustained a total of 12 rib fractures and two skull fractures inflicted on at least three separate occasions, CornwallLive reported.

He said he was he was tasked with examining a section of Eve’s ribcage and a piece of her skullbone.

The histopathlogist, who works at the Manchester Royal Infirmary and Manchester University, said several of Eve’s ribs had refractured.

Professor Mangham confirmed that Eve had no bone deficiency that could have contributed to the fracturing.


“The rough handling of an infant does not fracture bones, this is beyond any rough handling and the level of force to cause the fractures would have been significant,” he told the court.

He said that when it came to Eve’s skull, he detected a fracture that was three to six days old, and then a refracture that he believes was inflicted two to 12 hours before death.

“The mechanism would have been a blunt impact force well beyond anything experienced in rough play,” said the Professor.

He said the toddler’s injuries could have been caused by another child jumping on her but the skull injury would have to have been inflicted through contact with a hard surface.

Dr Liina Palm, from Great Ormond Street Hospital, told the court bruises and abrasions on Eve’s nose were “most likely represent an impact to that part of the face”.

Other injuries to Eve’s stomach and intestine were likely caused by a blow to the abdomen.

“It was likely that the liver injuries were caused 48 hours to 72 hours prior to death,” Dr Palm said.

Leatherland and Curd deny murder, manslaughter by gross negligence and causing or allowing the death of a child. The trial continues.


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Chilling moment missing waitress is seen alive for the last time

Chilling moment missing waitress is seen alive for the last time as she is led away from Spanish nightclub by two British men who deny abducting the woman

  • Clip shows Westley Capper grabbing Agnese Klavina by the arm outside club
  • Klavina is then led into Mercedes S63 outside celebrity club in Costa del Sol
  • Latvian went missing on September 6, 2014, six months after moving to Spain
  • Capper and Craig Porter, who deny charges, are accused of unlawful detention
  • e-mail


Chilling CCTV footage captured the last time a missing waitress was seen alive before she was allegedly abducted by two Brits outside a Costa del Sol nightclub.

Multi-millionaire property developer’s son Westley Capper can be seen grabbing Agnese Klavina by the arm and pointing to his nearby Mercedes S63. 

Craig Porter, who is currently on trial at a court in Malaga over Agnese’s disappearance along with Capper, was already in the Merc with tinted windows parked outside Aqwa Mist in the upmarket holiday resort of Puerto Banus.

The footage, analysed in court on the second day of their trial, shows Porter leaving the nightspot in shorts and a vest top with doorman Siani Ousmane walking close behind him in long trousers and a T-shirt. 

Ousmane, who is accused of being an accessory to the Brits’ alleged crime by prosectors for Agnese’s family and not state prosecutors, is filmed opening the passenger door of the Merc so Porter can get in.

This CCTV footage shows the last time missing waitress Agnese Klavina was seen alive as she is led away from a celebrity night club in Costa del Sol by Westley Capper

Agnese, pictured, was last seen in the early hours of September 6, 2014. She was reported missing five days later when she stopped posting on social media

Capper’s friend Craig Porter, pictured, is also on trial at a court in Malaga over Agnese’s disappearance

The CCTV footage, obtained by police shortly after Agnese was reported missing five days after she left the club in the early hours of September 6, 2014, appears to show her trying to break free of Capper as he leads her towards the car.

Ousmane can be seen with his back turned towards the pair, and leaning into the vehicle to talk to Porter, as Capper talks with the missing girl and starts to escort her towards the car.

Other clubbers walk past them before they reach the Mercedes and at one point the overweight Brit can be seen putting his arm around her waist.

  • Briton accused of kidnapping missing Latvian waitress… Briton in custody after police who are investigating his…

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Latvian-born Agnese, who spent several years living in London before moving to Spain around six months before she disappeared, appears to get in the back seat herself after Ousmane opens the door for her.

The partygoer, wearing a white dress and carrying a matching large white handbag, can be clearly seen opening the back door of the vehicle after Capper seems to tip Ousmane before the doorman closes it on her again.

The two-minute long footage finishes with Capper getting into the driver’s side and leaving the nightclub car park as Ousmane, who described himself as the head of security at Aqwa Mist on the first day of the trial yesterday, goes back to work.

Porter and Capper, pictured in the white shirt, are facing up to 12 years in prison if convicted of a crime of unlawful detention. Doorman Siani Ousmane, also pictured, is accused of being an accessory to the crime

The footage appears to show her trying to break free of Capper as he leads her towards the car. Ousmane is seen holding open the door so she can get in

The British pair are facing up to 12 years in prison if convicted of a crime of unlawful detention.

State prosecutors said in an indictment that Essex-born Capper, 41, took advantage of the fact Agnese was drunk to lead her to his car and put her in before she was prevented from getting out and retained ‘against her will’.

They were told they faced prosecution over Agnese’s disappearance after a damning report from a specialist Madrid police team.

It endorsed the findings of an earlier local police report, which included the claims of a criminal psychologist who concluded Agnese’s facial expressions and body language showed she did not leave the club voluntarily.

The police report, crucial in the decision to prosecute Capper and Porter, described Agnese’s behaviour that night as that of a person ‘acting under the basic emotional response of fear’.

Private-school educated Capper, whose father John made his fortune from real estate, took the witness stand yesterday to deny any wrongdoing.

He admitted to trying to persuade Agnese to come back to his luxury home on an upmarket residential estate a 20-minute drive from the club to carry on partying.

But he insisted he dropped her off on the way – in high heels and around a 40 minute walk from where she was living – after she told him: ‘Stop here, I’ve changed my mind, I want to go home, this is where I live.’

Porter, 37, from Liverpool, told the court he was ‘drunk and tired’ and fell asleep on the journey to his friend’s house and only discovered Agnese was no longer with them when they got there.

The pair also denied boarding Capper’s boat four days later at Puerto de la Duquesa near Gibraltar with a large suitcase and carpet, and two other men who are not on trial, to dispose of her body at sea.

The pair have also denied boarding Capper’s boat four days later at Puerto de la Duquesa near Gibraltar with a large suitcase and carpet to dispose of her body at sea

Agnese, who was 30 when she disappeared, left her restaurant wages untouched in her bank account.

The kidnap trial heard yesterday her mobile phone stopped emitting a signal around five hours after she was last seen and her social media accounts, which she used regularly, have not been touched since the night she was in Aqwa Mist.

Today Agnese’s mother Daiga and sister Gunta were among witnesses who gave evidence.

They told the court they had travelled from Latvia to report her missing on September 11 after her ‘out of character’ disappearance.

Capper and Porter, who are being prosecuted by the Spanish state as well as lawyers acting for Agnese’s family, are pleading not guilty to a crime of unlawful detention.

Ousmane, who the lawyers for Agnese’s family want sentenced to eight years in prison if he is convicted of being an accessory to the Brits’ alleged crime, has also pleaded not guilty.

Their fate will be decided by three professional judges and not a jury.

The trial is due to last four days but is not expected to finish till the start of next month.

Capper is facing a separate manslaughter trial expected to take place later this year over the hit-and-run death of a mother-of-three on a zebra crossing in San Pedro near Marbella while high on alcohol and cocaine.

Bolivian immigrant Fatima Dorado was knocked down in in May 2016 and prosecutors in a pre-trial indictment have called for him to receive a two-and-a-half year prison sentence if convicted after a trial. No trial date has yet been set.

Father-of-four Porter was a passenger with him in the Bentley that hit Mrs Dorado but he is not facing prosecution. 

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