The 4 Products I Turn To When My Curls Are In Need Of A Little Extra Love

Ever heard of Kérastase? Well if you checked out the ESSENCE 2022 Best In Black Hair Awards, chances are you spotted one of the winners, the Kérastase Curl Defining Gel-Cream. The brand is pioneering professional luxury haircare with straight-to-the-point ingredients, and the rest of its Curl Manifesto line is no different — hence, why we’re obsessed. 

With Manuka honey and ceramides at the forefront of the collection, the curl-friendly products are exactly what I turn to when my hair needs products with a little extra pizazz. In fact, these four have become must-haves for hydration and definition. Here’s why. 

Curl Manifesto Sulfate-Free Shampoo

When my hair is brittle and dry, the last thing I need is a shampoo that’s going to strip my hair of any more natural oils. This gentle but mighty cleanser, packed with nutrients, lathers for a rich cleanse that removes build-up while hydrating at the same time.  For a thorough and all-over cleanse, I first apply to dry hair at the scalp, though the brand advises applying to wet hair, and incorporate hot water until the hair is completely saturated in water and product. 

Once rinsed, my hair feels clean (but not too clean, you know?) and still packed with moisture.

Curl Manifesto Lightweight Conditioner 

Now I know that a lightweight conditioner probably isn’t what you’d think I’d gravitate towards when my hair is desperately in need of some love. However, this formula is definitely a case of less is more. Think about it like this: Because I didn’t further dehydrate my hair during the shampooing process, inundating it with heavy formulas throughout the rest of wash day just isn’t necessary. 

Anyway, from there I apply to wet hair. Reason being, I’ve found that with my tight curls, I attain more slip when heavily drenched. 

I apply from tip to root in four sections, slowly finger detangling until I’ve touched each part of my strands. 

Curl Manifesto Curl Enhancing Leave-In Cream

This is a cream that I use whether I plan on wearing my hair curly or wearing it straight. Depending on what I’m feeling, I simply adjust the amount. When curly is the mission, I scrunch the product into my still dripping wet hair, allowing the open cuticle to take in every ounce of the moisture for a deeper definition that boasts zero frizz. After about 30 minutes of air-drying, I diffuse my hair with cool air for lightweight, smooth and hydrated curls that feel more like pillows of clouds than hair — that’s pretty soft if I must say so myself.  

When I’m feeling like straightening my hair, I use about half the amount — a dime-sized portion to damp lightly cloth-dried hair. This multi-use product also has heat protection up to 450 degrees. I need no other products for the rest of the process and blow drying and straightening happens as usual. Just like my curls: bouncy, silky and soft.

Curl Manifesto Curl Refreshing & Restyling Spray

It may sound bad, but I know I’m a lazy girl. At least, when it comes to wash day. If I can refresh my curls without having to do my routine all over again — sign me up. This refresh spray, which incorporates manuka honey to nourish and hydrate the hair, has become my go-to. 

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