Andrew Shue & Marilee Fiebig were just friends before learning their spouses were cheating

Last week, the Universe gave us a fun little gossipy holiday gift. On the day that Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes’ podcast debuted, there was a very conveniently timed little story in Page Six that their exes, Andrew Shue and Marilee Fiebig, have been dating for six months. The cherry on this delicious gossip sundae was a quote about how they boned (bonded, but typo and it stays) over being cheated on. This directly contradicted Amy and T.J.’s declaration that they weren’t cheaters, but rather two mere mortals who were punished for being in love. The starcrossed duo were reportedly “livid” that their thunder was stolen. Some poor assistant probably had to provide double the vodka, edibles, and (presumably) electrolytes and Advil for T.J. that night!

As for Andrew and Marilee, pictures of the two together quickly went gossip-viral. There was a selfie from 2016 and a selfie with Michael Strahan from 2017. As people do, context was applied for the sake of filling in a narrative, and in my head, that narrative was that Andrew and Marilee were two close friends that re-enacted the scene from the first paintball episode of Community, where Britta and Jeff joke about how everyone thinks they have sexual tension and then end up doing it in the study room. However, Andrew and Marilee are setting the record straight by letting everyone know that sometimes, a selfie is just a selfie.

The two selfies, one from 2016 and one from 2017, both show Andrew Shue and Marilee Fiebeg — Robach and Holmes exes, respectively — looking very pally, their faces pressed up against each other. The cozy snaps led many to believe Shue and Fiebeg have been tight for years.

But sources say they really didn’t know each other all that well until after their marriages fell apart around a year ago amid Robach and Holmes’ affair. We’re told “Melrose Place” star Shue and immigration lawyer Fiebeg had a “long-time [social] friendship” because Robach and Holmes were work friends. (Holmes joined ABC in 2014 and Robach has been there since 2012. They began co-hosting “GMA3” in 2020).

“T.J. and Amy were [initially] work friends, so they’d all hang out here and there, but [Fiebeg and Shue] weren’t that close,” a source told Page Six.

But we’re told Fiebeg and Shue developed a stronger friendship in the aftermath of their divorces and eventually started dating about six months ago. Sources say Holmes and Robach, whose affair came to light after they were snapped on an intimate getaway in December 2022, “have known about their romance for months” but that Fiebig and Shue have “kept it within a close inner circle.”

“It’s not something they want to publicize. They care deeply about each other, but [the relationship is] still developing,” the source said.

Sources told us Shue and Fiebeg grew suspicious of their exes’ cozy work relationship and “naturally developed a bond” once they figured out their exes were stepping out on them with each other. (Holmes and Robach have denied cheating on them).

But the news couple’s adultery isn’t the only thing that brought them closer. They also “both have very strong family values and philanthropic endeavors,” the source said. Fiebig works as the chief diversity officer of Save the Children, and Shue, an actor turned entrepreneur, founded And unlike Robach and Holmes, we don’t expect to see them smooching on red carpets anytime soon — or perhaps ever.

“They’re very private. It’s awful they have to rehash all of this. It feels unfortunate they have to live [Amy and T.J.’s] public show,” the source concluded. Shue and Fiebig did not comment.

[From Page Six]

It was only two pictures, so I do buy that they were just work-spouse friends before everything went down. Again, good for Andrew and Marilee for finding love in a hopeless place (I literally cannot get that song out of my mind right now). Whether it’s together or separately, I hope they both find the happiness they deserve. And, as it just so happens, they were papped together earlier this weekend. So, now at least outlets won’t have to use those older selfies of the two of them anymore. They are playing the PR game so darn well right now. I love it.

Meanwhile, Amy and T.J. are really werkin’ it to show that life is good for them too! They brought his daughter to NYC radio station Z100’s Jingle Ball because – get it – he has custody this weekend since her mom went off with her new boyfriend. He has to ‘girl dad’ it up! My goodness, they are serving. I wonder what episode two of “Amy & T.J.” has in store for us…and you know what? This is a statement I did not have on my December 2023 bingo card. Bring it on, Santa Gossip Christmas.

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