‘Extremely callous’ Jeremy Clarkson faces backlash for mocking Britain’s heatwave warnings

UK weather: Britain set for heat wave as temperatures SOAR

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Jeremy Clarkson has controversially weighed in on the heatwave that is sweeping the nation, as Brits could see temperatures as high as 40 degrees celsius today. The Clarkson’s Farm presenter faced backlash for his comments after he compared British concerns about the heat to the attitude from the public in France. 

Jeremy, 62, was blasted on Twitter today after his dismissive comments.

The UK is facing its biggest heatwave of the summer so far, with London tipped to be even hotter than places like Morocco over the next couple of days. 

Despite the Met Office issuing amber and red alerts warning of “potential serious illness or danger to life”, Jeremy made it clear he wasn’t too impressed with the public’s reaction.

The presenter took to Twitter yesterday to claim that France was much more calm in handling the heat. 


“It’s very hot in the south of France but so far as I know,” he told his 7.7 million followers. 

“There’s no DefCon 8 level 3 killer death heatwave warning in place.”

In another tweet he wrote: “I’ve spent my life working in extreme heat and we survived by having a beer under a tree. Climate change is real. Drink more beer.”

However, like the UK, France has also been hit by extreme weather and has its own heat warnings in place.

On that basis, people took to the comments section to disagree with Jeremy’s reasoning. 

Meteorologist Scott Duncan wrote: “The French are taking it very seriously. 

“There are red level extreme heat warnings in the west,” he added, referring Jeremy to a French weather warning posted on Twitter. 

Simon Dalling re-posted the same thing, writing: “Here is a link to info on the French heatwave alerts Jeremy, if you are in France stay safe.” (sic)

Kevin penned: “You appear to be partly wrong about that. Also the South of France has infrastructure to deal with the heat.”

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Will commented: “Because they’re used to it and have aircon Jeremy. Our houses are designed to keep heat in meaning it gets HOTTER inside them.

“Go and sit under a tree then,” Jeremy replied.

“This is an extremely callous response given that there will likely be hundreds of excess deaths from this event,” Andrew Williams argued.

While Lord Moyland seemed to agree with Jeremy, commenting: “Just back from Andalusia. 45 degrees. 

“Nobody thought it odd. Distinct lack of bodies piled up in streets.”

The UK could see its hottest day in history this week, with The Met Office saying Charlwood in Surrey recorded the highest temperature so far at midday today – 34.8C.

England is under its first ever red warning for extreme heat, meaning that even the fit and healthy are at risk. 

Commuters have been urged to work from home, while rail passengers have been told not to travel unless absolutely essential. 

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