Adorable dogs trying to cool down from heat go viral as RSPCA issues warning to owners

Battersea Dogs and Cats Home share tips for keeping pets cool

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Owners have been posting pictures of their pets keeping cool on social media site Reddit. It comes as the UK is facing extreme heat with sweltering temperatures of 40C (104F) and above possible.

One of the snaps shows a dog curled up in a pail of water complete with rubber ducks.

In another photo shared online, a pug is standing in a bucket under a tap as water pours out.

A third picture shows a pooch relaxing on the sofa positioned just in front of a fan.

It comes as the country is facing scorching temperatures over the next two days as the mercury soars.

The first ever red extreme heat warning has been issued across a swathe of England for Monday and Tuesday.

The chief executive of the Met Office confirmed Britain “may well see the hottest day in history” today.

And Tuesday is expected to be even hotter, with some forecasts estimating highs of 43C (109F).

Pet-safe sun cream, damp towels to lie on and ice cubes in water bowls are among the tips for keeping animals safe in the heat.

The RSPCA says pets should never be left in cars, conservatories, outbuildings or caravans on a warm day, even for a short while.

If it is just 22C (71.6F) outside, temperatures can quickly rise to 47C (116.6F) in these environments.

But they would get much hotter today with the mercury set to climb to 40C and above.

Pet-safe sun cream can be used on exposed parts of your dog or cat’s skin.

Animals should have a shaded area and constant access to fresh water.

Battersea Dogs and Cats Home recommend trying frozen pet-friendly recipes like ice lollies.

Dogs should not be walked in hot weather as they are less able to cope than humans in the heat.

It can be painful for your pet to walk on surfaces that heat up in the sun such as pavements and they can even burn their paws.

The best time for a gentle walk is very early or late in the evening when the temperature has significantly reduced.

Owners should look out for signs of heatstroke which include heavy panting, lethargy, confusion or loss of coordination, drooling or foaming at the mouth, vomiting or diarrhoea, shaking or weakness, and seizures.

Esme Wheeler, dog welfare expert at the RSPCA, said: “The hot weather has gone from glorious to extreme, and we can’t stress enough how vital it is that pet owners take the situation seriously.

“That means limiting or skipping walks, only taking very essential car journeys, leaving water available at all times, and preparing damp, cold towels and mats, and frozen treats.

“We’re still getting reports of dogs being left in cars, and seeing a lot of dogs being taken to busy outdoor events like festivals, shows and fetes, and to the beach.

“Don’t be that person who is dragging their panting dog along the pavement or plodding around a garden show.

“We can’t stress this enough – please leave them at home in the cool where they’ll be safe.”

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